Capturing Anna | September 2011

anna pants | the face of two point five

Dear Anna,

Hi sweet girl. Just wanted to capture a couple things about you right now and get them down in a letter.

First thing, we love you so much.

Second thing, you are awesome.

Third thing, you make the best faces.

There's a million more things of course, but those are the three that are standing out right now.

You are currently two-weeks into your Montessori preschool experience and it's safe to say that you seem to be happy with it. Each day we drop you off, you give a hug and a kiss at least twice (and the last couple of days you kissed our hands as well) and then you head into the room to see what kind of work you'll want to do first. You have a very kind, gentle and soft-spoken teacher.

I loved this morning when you walked through the door other kids were saying "Hi Anna!" and "Anna's here!"

sweet baby girl + her books

Each night you like to have a couple books read to you and then you like to look at books on your own for quite awhile. Sometimes longer than I'd like you to stay up, but it's for a good cause.

You "read" them out loud to yourself or whatever baby dolls might be hanging out in your bed. Often you mimic whatever you remember about the story or you pick something in the photo/illustration that spurs you to turn the page. I know this because I often stand outside your door and listen. You yell for me when you're done looking at books to come back in and turn off the light. Lately you've been telling me to "have a good sleep Mama" as I close the door.

You still grab and tug and hold onto our ears when you are very sleepy - either just waking up or just falling asleep.

missoni shoes

You are a big fan of playing at the sink. This past weekend you took everything off down to your undies, socks and shoes and played and played. Pouring, scooping, dumping water and asking for more bubbles. More than a little water found it's way out of the sink and onto the floor. You really, really wanted to get into the sink but I told you that you're too big for that now.

I love that you've got opinions about your clothes. You were pretty particular about wearing the striped green socks with those cute little shoes. Most days I give you a choice between two things. Most days you pick one or the other without too much back and forth.

in the kitchen

You are physical. Climbing. Jumping (you love a small personal trampoline we got for your this summer). Hanging. Jumping. Jumping. Jumping.

You are quick to understand and quick to ask another question "why?" or "what's that?"

Apple juice is your drink of choice. Goldfish your snack. And broccoli is your vegetable (you really and truly love broccoli - it's the first thing you go for on your plate). Your current favorite choice for breakfast is grapes and cheese.

You want a kiss from Simon before he heads off for school and love to wave at him as the bus drives away.

You are a bundle of goodness sweet Anna girl. We love you so much.

Love, Mama

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