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September 15, 2011

For The Love Of Pinterest

I tried to resist, I really did.

I thought, “I don’t need another place to mess around online.”

And maybe I still don’t really need another place to visit online, but Pinterest is really serving a purpose.

The purpose is inspiration.

Color inspiration. Type inspiration. Memory keeping inspiration. Cooking inspiration. Clothing inspiration. Home inspiration. Inspiring words. And stuff I just love.

It’s a site to categorize and keep all those inspiring ideas in one place.

I see things online I want to remember and I “pin” them to my “boards.” This is my favorite way to use it – as a home for things I’d like to remember or revisit all in one place.

I also see other cool things people are “pinning” and “re-pin” them to my own boards for safe keeping.

My collection of inspiration is growing. And just like many things, I’ve already gone through a couple phases. Right now I’m in the “this is super great” phase especially as we head into the holiday season. A quick search for Fall or Halloween or Christmas brings up so many fun ideas and eye-candy.

Are you on Pinterest?

A really big thank you for your kindness and support on my What Is Real Now post.


  • 1.
    dawn said…

    I haven’t given in to it yet!! I just keep bookmarking the pages that inspire me. I do like the idea of Pinterest though so that it would be organized for me. Love love all the holiday ideas out there at the moment.

  • 2.
    Sally said…

    I have to say it…
    It’s a SCRAPBOOK of sorts, isn’t it? I tried to stay away too, and that didn’t work. But I do store ideas there! Love it!

  • 3.
    Solgunn said…

    Yes! I love Pinterest. So much inspiration and so easy to find.

  • 4.
    Jenny in Wellington, New Zealand said…

    Oh my gosh yes… I LOVE Pinterest. It’s just blimmin interesting :) And fun. Wow the things you can find on there, the crafty stuff that you can do, the colours… just wow.

    It’s also a nice way to find out who of your friends have similar interests to you. AND you can cross post really excellent finds to Facebook :)

  • 5.
    Vera said…

    I love Pinterest! I’ll start following your boards too :)

  • 6.
    Greisy said…

    Ohh yes I am! I simply love it, lots and lots of inspiration… and of course I follow all of your boards :)

  • 7.
    Katrina said…

    I guess you could say that I was an early-adopter – I’ve been on Pinterest for a while. LOVE it!

  • 8.
    MonicaB said…

    I caved in a few months ago and I love it! I spend more time on there then facebook and my reader on most days. I will be adding your boards to my eye candy….

  • 9.
    Lori said…

    Ooooh! That sounds fun … Thanks, Ali

  • 10.
    Pam said…


  • 11.
    Suzanne said…

    LOL! I know what you mean! I tried to resist too but all those visual yumminess kept on calling my name!

  • 12.
    Jenny said…

    I am on Pinterest and LOVE it!

  • 13.

    Yes! I’ve been carried into the Pinterest abyss! Love all the inspiration for so many of life’s joys! I’m checking out your boards this morning – love it when the ideas begin to make music in my head!

  • 14.
    christen said…

    i am addicted!

  • 15.
    Alice Golden said…

    I too tried to resist… but I’m glad I didn’t. What I find is that I can pop onto Pinterest for just a minute or two and get a giant burst of inspiration. In many ways, I think I will spend less time online because it is now so easy to find inspiration all in one place.

  • 16.
    Nicole said…

    I’m on Pinterest too (nicolereaves) and have been following you. I LOVE it! I had many of the same feelings as you in the beginning but now I find it to be the absolute best way to bookmark ideas on the internet. I love that you can catergorize pins too! Now I’m looking for a happy balance of pinning original ideas and repinning. :) It’s so much fun!

  • 17.
    Marsaille said…

    Of course I am. I have wanted Pinterest for years, and it is finally here. I process visually, so pictures are the best way for me to remember sites and ideas. Love it!

  • 18.
    theresa said…

    ok,ok,ok…..I’ve been resisting,but it is ohhhh so neat!….I’m in.

  • 19.
    NatalieSpring said…

    I’ve resisted because I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account,one of which is required for opening a Pinterest account. I’ve asked Pinterest if this is absolutely necessary and they said yes. So, we’ll see how long I resist Pinterest and Facebook/Twitter.

  • 20.
    Karin Canazzi said…

    Oh baby am I ever on Pinterest…I actually make/do some of the stuff I see there. Maybe I should have a board of things made from Pinterest inspiration!

    • ….
      Carmel Keane said…

      That’s a neat idea!

  • 21.

    I LOVE Pinterest. Once I pin something I then bookmark the site it came from so I can go in later and really look and LIFT it for later!!! Ali I also wanted to share this video about a sister and her brother with Down’s and Autism. I think you might like it. Shelley

  • 22.
    Monica said…

    How funny! Everyone seems to be posting about pinterest lately, including me! :) I am a fellow pinterest addict. I use it like you. I used to drag url bookmarks to my desktop but it got all cluttered and I never knew why I was saving it. Now with pinterest I can keep the image I want, with a permalink, and organized by how I will use it. LOVE!

  • 23.
    Vicky said…

    I did notice that you’d been pinning a lot in the past few days…. !! :)

  • 24.
    Beverly said…

    YES! for about two weeks and have been inspired!

  • 25.
    Lisa A. A. said…

    I’m in love with Pinterest! The inspiration I find is endless: crafts, decorating, parties, color schemes, homeschooling activities… I had no idea how much I would love it.

  • 26.
    Stephanie said…

    YES!! I love Pinterest for all those same reasons – I’m no longer tearing things out of magazines or copying/pasting/printing things for my inspiration folders (Yay for the trees!). The website/concept is amazing….genius, really! It has also become a joke in our circle of friends. I’ve gotten all of the women hooked and the men poke fun at us by saying ‘pin it’ to everything we say :) I feel indebted to the creators of Pinterest – I it SO MUCH MORE than Facebook!!

  • 27.
    jennifer said…

    I just caught onto it myself maybe a month ago – so many great ideas and inspiration out there. It’s so addicting but a fabulous way to organize all those little things you see that you hope to remember!

  • 28.
    Jenni Hufford said…

    i LOVE pinterest. And can you believe it, i got my husband todd on pinterest. he was dying a thousand deaths over it, but it has helped us SO much coordinate our thoughts and ideas as we are planning to build a house next year. would it be weird if i asked our architect to go in pinterest? hahahaha.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I love that Jenni – totally makes sense to me!

    • ….
      Jules said…

      I have been on Pinterest for ages and am using it to file everything I can in prepartion for building a new house in 2-3 year time. I totally expect our selected architect to be prepared to get on Pinterest to see what I have. So much easier to maintain than endless folders and files of clippings. One of the really interesting things for me is just looking at an overview of a board – say for example kitchen – and seeing the similarity in colour schemes in the pins. It has helped me realise specifically what I like in the greater scheme of things as well as finding tiny details.

  • 29.
    HeatherC said…

    Love it — used to use tumbler, but love the organization of Pinterest. Now, I need to stop GATHERING ideas and start MAKING some of them!

  • 30.
    Carol said…

    I tried to resist too, spend to much time blogghopping as it is. But it is a great source of inspiration. Love it. I will be following you too.

  • 31.
    Melinda Kirk said…

    Oooo, scary. Ali how are you in my head challening my thoughts? This is exactly what I have been thinking about Pinterest in the last week since I started using it… I resisted for a long time – I think it was a pick on PRT months ago and gets mentioned regularly – and I can see why. Love, love, love it for organising my creative mind. For bringing other people’s inspiration to me. For the beautiful things all right there on one page. Brilliant!

  • 32.
    Ellie A. said…

    Yes gulity as charged. Its just a wonderful source of inspiration and just a wonderful place to get a bolt of mojo when your in a need of it. :)

  • 33.
    Maureen said…

    I am! on Pinterest i.e. I love not only seeing what others Pin, but find it a great place to store scrapbooking layouts I like since I can add a word that shows WHY I copied it. Plus the link-backs are just perfect for showing the details and the products used.

  • 34.
    Jess said…

    Okay so I’m such a lagger…I had no idea what pinterest was until I read this. I love this idea! I have all of my stuff shoved into a photo folder right now. However I went to their site and got confused…guess I’ll stay behind the times haha

  • 35.
    Alexandra said…

    I want to start on pinterest but I’m wondering how it works – guess I’ll have to just take the plunge and try it. it looks like fun!!

  • 36.
    Susan Anderson said…

    Love Pinterest. All my wish I could, someday I will and yes I am going to do this lists are there waiting! They are ready when I am ready…love that. Best part is some of my wish I could, have been done! Pinterest is a visual person’s best friend.

  • 37.
    kelly X said…

    I felt the same way! I’m on there and I LOVE it. Definately my new place for searching when I am looking for some inspiration. It is like everyone’s favorites on the internet. If anyone is hesitating – DON’T!

  • 38.
    Leah Burgett said…

    Addicted to Pinterest!! I love it!! Great inspiration.

  • 39.
    Teri H. said…

    I joined Pinterest about a month ago, and I love it! I just did a blog post about it yesterday. I’m also using it as a go-to place for a Christmas wish list. :)

  • 40.
    {vicki} said…

    No, I’m not although I am hearing more and more about it.
    I’ve actually never been on it because like you —I’m thinking I don’t need another place to mess around online.

    But I’ve got a question—
    for example I see a layout on your website that I’d like to ‘pin’—could I do that on pinterest?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Yes. The main thing to do is to make sure that you pin it to the “original source” – like the actual post it was posted in on my blog. That way when someone clicks on your pin they will be taken back to the original source.

  • 41.
    Tami said…

    I love organizational tools and pinterest is one of the best! And it’s educational- really! Only slightly addicting…

  • 42.
    Melissa said…

    I’m a dork. I still don’t “get it”. But sure is fun to look at other people’s favorite stuff!

  • 43.
    kelly said…

    i just received my invitation last night. now what? i am almost afraid but it was seeing kelly purkey’s pin boards that got me thinking about what kind of christmas loveliness i might find and then one thing led to another and i found myself requesting an invitation. i have yet to pin anything but i know it is coming. i can feel it! love your boards, ali.

  • 44.
    Amy said…

    Just checked out pinterest and love it…however, I’m doing something wrong b/c I can’t get things to PIN. Any suggestions?

  • 45.
    Kay said…

    Just requested my Pinterest invite, looks like a great way to keep track of wonderful inspiration, thanks so much for sharing!

  • 46.
    Kelly said…

    You bet! I love it for the same reasons…so many fun, inspiring people, places and things out there.

  • 47.
    designhawk said…

    I am a designer by trade, so Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration of all sorts. I follow your boards, Ali, which I love, by the way. I spend entirely too much time on their website, but it is absolutely a tool that I put to good use daily.

  • 48.
    Suz said…

    I.ABSOLUTELY.LOVE.PINTEREST!! It’s the next best thing to my iPad. ;)

  • 49.
    alida said…

    Yes, I love pinterest. The challenge is just to not spend more time collecting ideas than actually putting some into practice!:)

  • 50.
    caro said…

    just caved in this week … :-)

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