Fourth Grade Open House

Dear Simon,

Last night you had your Fourth Grade Open House. Here's what I learned:

1. The technology in your classroom is so cool. You showed me how you use/play with Garage Band. I thought it was cool just watching you walk over to the computer cabinet and carefully pull one out and bring it back to your desk, hugging it to your chest the whole way. I also liked seeing the  "clicker" that each kid uses to "log-in" to the main computer when they arrive in the classroom.

2. The garden right outside the window of your classroom is so beautiful. Right now there are rows and rows of sunflowers. I got to see a great photo that your teacher took of you standing out in the sunflowers on a day that your class spent some time outside sketching (and learning about Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflower paintings). I also noticed at least two very giant pumpkins growing out in the garden. The garden is one of your teachers passions and I really like that about her. She brought in this bowl of little tomatoes and your sister ate about ten of them.

3. Daddy and I got to ask your teacher about spelling homework and tests. You've brought home spelling homework the last couple of weeks and have been really frustrated at not immediately knowing how to spell all the words. We've been talking about how that's part of the process of learning - but sometimes that's hard to understand. She gave us some good tips, suggestions, and perspective and let me know that it was more important for you to just say the words out loud, spell them out loud and then write the words on the line vs. me just saying the word out loud and you guessing the first time. We'll try that next week.

4. It was so awesome to see the math papers on your desk! We saw that you are learning about the Distributive Property ("The Distributive Property lets you multiply a sum by multiplying each addend separately and then add the products"). Here's an example that I found online:

4 x 53
(4 x 50) + (4 x 3)
200 + 12

I love that you are learning this skill - I think it's going to come in handy as you get into bigger numbers. I don't think I learned to do arithmetic that way when I was in fourth grade so I might need to do a little practicing with you to get the hang of it.

5. We got to visit all your past teachers again. It's always fun to see you want to see them, say hi, give them a hug as you make your way through the building.

Fourth grade seems to be off to a great start. We are so proud of you Simon! Keep up the great work.


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