Organizing Studio AE/Technique Tuesday Stamps


As I worked on cleaning up my office last week I finally had a chance to get my newer Technique Tuesday stamps organized.

Currently I'm storing all my Studio AE (monthly stamp club) and other stamps I've designed for Technique Tuesday in this little metal basket that I think came from Target at some point over the years.

organizing technique tuesday stamps
Are We There Yet? ( Two Peas | )

I removed all the sets from their packaging (I leave the thin plastic that lays on top of the stamp sheet in place) and attached Avery 2-inch index tabs with the name or theme of the stamps. This is making them so much easier to see, grab and use. I moved stamps around/lifted them up to accommodate the adhesives on the index tabs.

organizing technique tuesday stamps

This could work in a small basket or box too.

organizing technique tuesday stamps

In the past Technique Tuesday packaging used 8.5x11 sheets (they are all now being produced on the smaller sheets - same number of stamps just different packaging).

organizing technique tuesday stamps

I keep these sets together using giant binder rings.

organizing technique tuesday stamps
Life In Pictures ( Two Peas | )

They could definitely be stored inside an 8.5x11 album (which I'm pretty sure was the original intent) but I've found this is more accessible for me.

organizing technique tuesday stamps

They hang on the side of my work table for easy access.

I use a variety of different stamps. Here's where some of the others are currently stored:


Many of my wood mounted stamps are in bags in this box that sits on a low shelf. They need to be pulled out and put somewhere more accessible because it's too easy to forget they are there.


Other clear stamps are currently in this drawer (part of a six drawer unit of supplies - from Ikea).


And a few others are stored inside my lockers (both in the basket and next to it). You can see that's where I keep my inks too. I also have a few larger stamps that are in a wall-shelf-unit that I couldn't get a good photo of right now.

What's your favorite way to store stamps?

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