Planning Ahead | Advent Calendars

One of our favorite holiday traditions the last few years have been advent calendars from Lego and Playmobile.

I know it's early.

I know we haven't hit Halloween or Thanksgiving yet.

But man I like having these things in house and ready to go. The truth is that I think I like these just as much as the kids do.

For 2011 I went with the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar for Simon. If they didn't have the Star Wars version we'd be getting this one: Lego city edition (7553).

Anna will have the Playmobile Christmas Post Office Advent Calendar.

Last year we had Playmobile Christmas in the Forest (awesome set of animals) and the Lego City Advent Calendar (2824) - both are still available and were great. The pieces were packed away with the holiday decor last year and will come out again in December (not as Advent calendars but as holiday toys).

We also love to bring out the Playmobile Nativity Set each year.

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