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September 14, 2011

Project Life | Week Thirty-Six

Project Life | Week Thirty-Six

Welcome to Project Life | Week Thirty-Six.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Six

It was back-to-school around here last week. Lots of excitement for both Simon and Anna as they start these next adventures.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Six

Project Life | Week Thirty-Six

Added a little accent to Simon’s photo. A red circle from an October Afternoon sticker sheet and a cork four from Close To My Heart.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Six

Project Life | Week Thirty-Six

Lots more handwriting made it onto journal cards and other pieces of paper this week.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Six

Love the label stickers from October Afternoon.

Project Life is a product created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The pieces of the album kit (similar to the one I’m using) are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.


  • 1.
    dawn said…

    great week in pictures and Anna’s little artworks. She looks so tiny and cute in class. Love the little people. your added tags and such are always fun.

  • 2.
    Lisa W. said…

    Oh I just love love love your style. You just kind of add this and that. Thats probably what I love the best, I think sometimes I put TOO much thought into it instead of just doing:) That Anna is a darling:)

  • 3.
    Laura G said…

    ahh the kids are growing up!! embrace these days as they go by way too fast! love the October afternoon stickers too if i run out i make my own takes time but so does a trip to the store!

  • 4.
    Mikki McGehee said…

    Thank you so much for sharing the products you used on this weeks Project Life. I love seeing your Project Life album!

  • 5.
    Maureen said…

    Love it Ali… and yeah to no potty accidents! That changes life a lot as I recall. I agree with Lisa..I can be the same “sometimes I put TOO much thought into it instead of just doing:)” Our former Gov’s motto…Just do it!

  • 6.
    Nancy said…

    I know you have told us before… but my memory is short… where do you get the lovely page covers with the four small sections in the middle??
    Nancy H.

  • 7.
    Sarah Stegall said…

    This is the first time I have noticed that you round the corners on you pictures. I love it! I have debated on doing it in my PL and decided to just leave the squared… I am going back and cutting corners!! Also, I love the additions you made to your photos. The circle and 4, the “fun finds” tag. I am amazed at how something so small adds SO much!
    I can always count on you for inspiration! Thank you, Ali. You are the best :)

  • 8.

    Anna is so cute! Love these pictures!

  • 9.
    Josie said…

    I just LOVE your project life pages and always look forward to seeing them. Unfortunately, I missed out on a kit at the start of the year (I’m in New Zealand) but have pre-ordered the Turquoise Edition core kit and page protectors. They should arrive in October. That means there will only be about 3 months of the year left. I’ve been taking plenty of photos and keeping things since the start of the year to go in this album. It just seems a bit overwhelming to try to go back and complete it from the start of the year, but I feel motivated to do it! Have you got any advice on how I could get this done?! A few thoughts I have are 1) plenty of pictures and less journaling and 2) start with the week we will be in, then go back and do a few weeks at a time. What do you think? And has anyone else done a major catch up like this?

    • ….
      Cele Schaffer said…

      Why not try working on a December Daily album and begin the Project Life album in Jan 2012…just a suggestion. If you haven’t seen Ali’s December Daily projects you must go there on her blog-they are so fun!

    • ….
      Josie said…

      Thanks so much for your suggestion, Cele.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Josie – I apologize, I’m pretty sure I typed up a note to you last week :) . It sounds like you have saved up photos and stuff from this past year – is that correct? If things are in some order i think you could pretty quickly add-in the photos and write based on the feelings and memories that come to mind as you are adding in the photos. If it was me I’d do it as simple as possible, without adding any extras just to get it done (partly because you are still living life and wanting to document the now too).

      When I first read your comment I thought you should just wait and start in January but then i saw that you’ve been collecting stuff and taking photos. I think if you commit yourself to the project you can totally get it done!

    • ….
      Scrapflicka said…

      I’ve gone back and done my son’s first year in our family, 2008, and loved it. I used my blog for journaling and added stuff I saved along with the pictures. If you have the stuff then use it!

  • 10.
    Karin Podolski said…

    Hi Ali
    Thanks for sharing the “reality” that you are going through….I am always inspired by your creativity and your ability to capture the stories -it is good to hear that you really just like the “rest of us”! I also LOVED the pics of the “real” office-with things everywhere (JUST LIKE MINE).
    My prayers go out to you and Chris-be strong, be true to yourself (I know you will)

  • 11.
    Maricel C. said…

    As usual, the journaling is very meaningful. I just love how you can create a story out of an ordinary week.

  • 12.
    KSW said…

    I have not used one (not even one) of those circle pages yet (in my PL)… but somehow you make that work. Hum. Anyway. You look are super duper cute in these shots of you. I like the POV of little Miss A in her pics, too.

  • 13.
    Marie A. said…

    Great pages, as usual! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Chris.

    I have a question : where does the alphabet line (twill?) comes from on Anna’s picture (left page)? It’s very nice.

    Thanks a lot!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Marie – that’s from a Studio Calico Elementary sticker sheet.

  • 14.

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  • 15.
    sophie said…

    love your album! i’m a little to the Project Life party, but i’m getting on that train when the release comes in october. looking forward to seeing what next weeks adventures bring you. good luck to Chris + you during this rough patch. ps: can’t wait to start the December Daily with you this coming year. loved last year way too much to not do it again.

  • 16.
    Robin said…

    Ali, you are going to LOVE montessori for your little Anna. We are a montessori family and have so many wonderful memories because of the type of education they provide. Enjoy.

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