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September 19, 2011

Reader Inspiration | Elizabeth Sawyer iPhoto Photobooks

I received an email last week from reader Elizabeth Sawyer who was sharing a recent travel photobook she made through iPhoto using some of my word art and digital pattern papers.

Elizabeth used Storybook Creator by Creative Memories to create the pages using my We Word Art Brushes and Stamps. She let me know that she started from a blank page vs. using a template within the program. She saved those pages as JPG images and then dropped them into the iPhoto book (on a full-bleed photo page). The opposite page photo collage were all using templates in the iPhoto book making program. To input the pattern papers (Remember This And That Paper Collection) she simply dropped the JPEG files into the spaces originally designated for photos and they look great.

I loved seeing my products come to life in the pages of this photobook.

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!


  • 1.
    dawn said…

    This was a beautiful book, love it all.

  • 2.
    jenn said…

    it looks great! I used iPhoto for my Week in the Life album and I really like how it turned out. I made it into a hybrid album too.

  • 3.
    caro said…

    superb! good news on using software I already understand! Thanks Elizabeth and Ali

  • 4.
    Jennifer Levin said…

    Wow! This is a beautiful book! I love when people show me something I can do but never thought of!

    Thank you Elizabeth and Ali!

  • 5.
    Marty Ward said…

    This is so cool! Glad that it turned out so well….will need to try using iphoto books.

  • 6.
    BARB T said…

    This is absolutely beautiful! I thought I might be able to do this with IPhoto, but my digi experience is minimal, and I have only played with the book portion of IPhoto a few times. Maybe I shall use some of my One on One time at Apple to guide me through the process.

  • 7.
    Deb J said…

    Great job Elizabeth. I need to start trying things like this.

  • 8.
    Angie B said…

    Love it :)

  • 9.
    Liz Sawyer said…

    I was getting tired of the same look with my iPhoto books so I decided to try it! It’s SOOO easy – import your jpeg papers just like a photo, drag and drap them into your book project just as you work with photos. You can use the zoom tool to make the print/texture larger or smaller of the paper just like you crop in on a photo. I just wish there was a way to layer text on iPhoto but there isn’t so that was why I had to create the journal pages in another program. FYI – the themes Picture Book & Photo Essay are the best options to use color blocks. Also, it would be easy to use any of the travel themed ones as well! Also, remember to utilize the photo background placement holders for the papers. That is how I got the nice looking borders on the large landscape photo.

  • 10.
    Terri Porter said…

    I would love to know what Elizabeth used for the masks on her pages that she created herself. Is this something from iPhoto or from Creative Memories or is this a mask that could be purchased elsewhere? Love the look of the scruffy edges. This book is beautiful and very inspiring.

  • 11.
    Liz Sawyer said…

    @Terri – they are not a mask, though masks usually do work in that program. Instead, the software has a variety of mats or edges for photos or shapes so I used one of those. Perhaps someone who is Adobe savvy can post how to make them in that program?

  • 12.

    This looks so beautiful Liz thanks for sharing….I have iphoto on my Mac and I also have photoshop just have not been able to get comfortable with Photoshop I just like the idea of touching the products and see the creative result but this sounds like something I would attempt…thanks for sharing. Does the tutorial in iphoto explain using the creation?

    • ….
      Liz Sawyer said…

      Using iPhoto to create a book is very straight forward. Try it! You can play with it, delete later, whatever. You don’t spend money until you are ready to have it printed. There are tutorials available through Apple too. In order to create pages with the overlapping text like my “we see” you would need to use an outside program first to create the page, save as a jpeg and then add to your project like any other photo.

  • 13.
    Lisa W. said…

    This is VERY nice…really love!! Nice job:)

  • 14.
    alida said…

    Love that! I also often do digital scrapbooking with Microsoft’s photo editing software (I think it comes free with Word) and drag and drop photo’s, papers, etc onto white paper, add text etc. Really easy! It can then be prited as a JPEG file.

  • 15.
    MaryAnn said…

    So proud of your creativity lil Sis :-)
    Wonderful inspiration for us to expand our use of iPhoto books.
    So so cool to see these pages of family !!!

  • 16.
    iDebbie said…

    Beautiful Book! I’d never have thought of using papers in place of photos. So, so clever!! I have a Mac but have never made a book in iPhoto. I’m wondering what size the pages and book are? I’m a 12×12 scrapper in Photoshop, but unfortunately can’t use that size in the iPhoto books. I keep hoping they’ll add it, or at least add 8×8 or 10×10.

    • ….
      Liz Sawyer said…

      iDebbie – the most common size I use is the 11×8.5 landscape hardcover book in iPhoto, but you are right there are no square options. Though you could use another drag & drop photo book company. Also, if you ever do 8.5×11 vertical layouts or like sketches in that size – just flip sideways to get inspiration for the landscape pages you could create yourself in Adobe.

  • 17.
    Erica Hettwer said…

    Love this! I think I’ve finally decided to do a photo book using the words and text from my blog about my son’s accident and recovery. It just seems the least painful and quickest way to get it out. I figure I can still scrap individual pictures if I want but this way, his story is there.

  • 18.
    Christine said…

    This is a beautiful book. I recently finished a photo book from Shutterfly using your “Top 10 Photos” book. Look forward to seeing your book. :)

  • 19.
    Erika said…

    super cool!

  • 20.
    Mrs. V said…

    I’m so glad that you shared this. This fall I want to create my first digital photo books, so this post is perfect for me.

  • 21.
    Janet said…

    Just love this album. Love the combination of mosiac page and storybook page.

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