December Daily™ 2011 | The Album Cover


And here we go again!

I'm excited to be getting my December Daily™ album underway for 2011. It's been fun getting messy and playing with my holiday supplies as I begin the process of putting my cover and foundation pages together. As many of you know, what I try to do each year is get the basics of my album all put together before December so that I minimize the amount of time I'm actually working on it during that busy time of year. To read a ton more about this project and see past examples check out my December Daily™ compilation page.


Today I'm going to just share the exterior and interior of the album itself. The actual daily interior pages will be coming most likely on Monday as I'm waiting for a couple more supplies to come in the mail (you can see how it's currently progressing in the image above - it's already pretty thick).

For my cover this year I decided to go with white/cream (love the softness of it) and two really enlarged numbers. Last year I also ended up with white. What can I say, I like it. Because it's basically white on white it's a bit of a challenge to photograph, but you'll get the idea. The chipboard album I'm using is available as part of a December Daily™ kit through Studio Calico. Kits go on sale October 27th/28th.

In addition to the white/cream I also wanted to add some sparkle/gloss and one of my favorite ways to do that is to use UTEE. My full process is listed below.



1. Print and cut out a "2" and the "5" to make your own stencils (you can do this in any program like Word or Photoshop). I printed these numbers on cardstock so that they would be sturdy enough to use as a stencil. I used a craft knife to cut out the numbers from cardstock. Depending on the size of your album you'll want to adjust the size of the numbers accordingly. I made my #2 larger than my album so it would go off the top and the bottom edge. My #5 is not as tall as the album but it's nice and wide. I used the font Numbers Depot for my #5 and Rosewood for the #2.


2. Paint two base coats with gesso (essentially white paint) inside and out. After the gesso dried I did two coats of the cream paint from Martha Stewart.


3. Lay the #2 stencil down on the cover. Open your album flat so you can have the #2 wrap around the spine. Using the stencil, paint the #2 with gesso. I did this as a base under my embossing. You could just emboss right onto the painted cover as well. Let Dry.

4. Follow the same steps for the #5. I chose to position the #5 to the top right of the album. Let dry.


5. Using the stencils and a pencil, create a line drawing of the number 25 on the back cover and on the inside front cover. I chose to use a pencil because i wanted a fairly faint line drawing. You could use a colored pen, pencil, etc or paint inside the stencils rather than tracing. Lots of options.



6. Using the #2 stencil (lay it right on top of the painted #2), turn your embossing inkpad (I use Versamark) upside down and stamp (using the whole pad) all over the stencil. Lift up the stencil and pour UTEE over top. Use a heat gun to set the embossing ink. The above image is what it looks like before melting the UTEE with the heat gun.


NOTE: I tried something a little different with the UTEE for the #2 - I poured some glitter into my powder before putting it on top of the embossing ink (the glitter was in a little bag - I think it came from a past Jenni Bowlin kit). The end result was to make the #2 have a different texture than the #5 (which was just UTEE). It's rougher and not as smooth. This whole idea came about when I noticed that my UTEE had pretty much already been contaminated with some glitter somewhere along the line. Anything I emboss with that bottle of UTEE ends up with some bits of sparkle.


7. Repeat the same process for embossing the #5.


8. Choose a couple of holiday sentiment stamps for the front and inside cover. I used two stamps from my November 2011 Studio AE set (will be available for purchase on November 1). Stamp using Staz On ink (Cherry) to avoid smudging.


9. After stamping the sentiments I covered/sealed the entire album with Mod Podge. I left the embossed part alone and just painted the Mod Podge around it.


10. For the spine I used the Santa from this Echo Park chipboard package (included in the Studio Calico kit). I covered the Santa with Glossy Accents to give it a nice finish on top of the chipboard and to keep the small typed piece (December 2011) in place.


My first attempt at getting the numbers on my album involved silver spray paint.


I took the album (painted with the gesso + cream paint) outside and laid down some newspaper.


Laid the stencil on top.


With silver metallic spray paint I used the stencils to spray on the #2 and #5.


I think I need to practice a bit more with the spray paint. I ended up painting over the top of the silver spray paint as it wasn't really the overall look I wanted. It's a nice reminder that you can always paint over the top (just wait until it dries completely).

I'm so excited to see all the different covers and album interiors that I'm sure will be popping up over the next few weeks! It's always so cool to see the results. I've created a Flickr group for anyone interested in sharing their album along the way: December Daily™ 2011 Flickr Group.


PAINT | Martha Stewart Craft Paint Satin - Summer Linen, Gesso
ALBUM | Studio Calico December Daily™ Kit
INK | StazOn Cherry, Versamark (for embossing)
SEALER/ADHESIVE | Mod Podge, Glossy Accents
STAMP | Studio AE November 2011 (will be available on November 1) - you don't have to be a member to purchase
HEAT GUN | Ranger
SANTA | Echo Park Chipboard

Chic Tags
, formerly known as Shabby Chic Crafts, has delightful vintage inspired paper tags to fit all your crafting needs!  If you plan on working on a December daily Album too, you don’t want to miss out on their NEW December Daily Album Kit III. Please don’t forget to check out the CT blog for tips and ideas!

97 thoughts

  1. Donna DeCoito

    2011-10-28 00:06:11 -0400

    I am confused....I keep looking on the SC site for the December Daily Kit and I do not see it. Do you have a direct link?

    I only see a November Kit, but does not mention anything about it being December Daily.


  2. Renee

    2011-10-28 02:41:27 -0400

    Hi Ali,

    Just got my SC kit ordered. Was wondering if the stamps you did for SC and TTues will be available in digital format?

    Thanks, Looks great.


  3. Cheryl

    2011-10-28 04:30:08 -0400

    Yay fab cover and great project, hust ordered my kit from studio this will be my first year cant waite thanks x

  4. Chloe

    2011-10-28 05:17:55 -0400


  5. Cynthia H

    2011-10-28 07:21:32 -0400

    I just ordered my Studio Calico kit! So excited for December Daily this year!!!

  6. Catherine

    2011-10-28 07:52:20 -0400

    Help please
    Can't seem to find the kit at SC
    Am not a subscriber
    Any guidance

  7. Paula G

    2011-10-28 08:46:51 -0400

    I am SO excited to do this project - I already know that staying on track, not staying on track - whatever ends up happening it will be OK!! I just bought the Dec Daily SC kit and what I know for sure is this fellowship right here on this blog is going to help my Christmas spirits soar! I am just really excited!!

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    2011-10-28 14:08:28 -0400

    [...] The Album | Exterior and Interior [...]

  9. madeline St onge

    2011-10-28 16:22:46 -0400

    Ali Help. I just downloaded the over lays from DD for my album and cannot get them to open. Adobe is saying it is the wrong kind of file

    Help please

  10. Monica L.

    2011-10-28 16:54:34 -0400

    Can't wait until Monday!!! I'm so excited with this project.

  11. Tamara

    2011-10-28 19:04:00 -0400

    Please help us, Ali!! I know I'm not the only one who would love to have that binder in the Studio Calico December Daily kit. It would be perfect for so many other projects (great small size, but with large rings), previous December Daily's and those of us who like to do it digitally. Maybe American Crafts and Studio Calico would oblige us if you put in a good word?!

  12. Tina Lee

    2011-10-29 19:43:16 -0400

    This (my 2nd year joining you for DD) year I too decided to go with a ready made album. Last year I followed your design and just LOVED how the album turned out - just beautiful memories! My album was 3 inches thick and binding it was my only problem. Can't wait to see what you have in mind for this year. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  13. mel mccarthy

    2011-10-30 06:47:18 -0400

    Fabulous technique. I love the utee over the paint. WOW!

  14. Bridget

    2011-10-30 13:51:15 -0400

    Hi Ali. I'm just wondering if you embossed the back cover and inside cover like you did the front cover? Thanks!!

  15. Penny

    2011-10-30 14:10:14 -0400

    Wow. Came across this site by chance. WOuld love to join in this project!

  16. Els

    2011-10-30 18:38:25 -0400

    Great, I started putting my supplies together just today. Will be taking a slightly different approach (lists for December rather than Daily) but will still be taking pictures everyday and love seeing what everyone will be making

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  18. Giorgina

    2011-11-06 07:31:31 -0500

    Hi Ali, absolutely gorgeous!

    Could you please advise me, I want to purchase Numbers Depot when I click on t he link there are 15 fonts for sale, did you have to purchase all the fonts?

    Also My Fonts don't have Rosewood for sale, could you tell me where you got yours from?

    Thanks so much

  19. Vee P

    2011-11-06 13:45:10 -0500

    I love that you are able to show out-takes of your previous attempt at making the album cover. It's good to know even amazingly talented scrapbookers such as yourself can 'practice' until the project is perfect. Thanks for sharing & can't wait to start on mine Dec Daily! `=]

  20. Heldy

    2011-11-07 13:55:58 -0500

    Hi Ali! As always I'm late getting started on my DD this year. I have lots of supplies I'd like to use, and I understand this album is part of a kit (which is sold out also). Do you by chance have suggestions on other 3 ring albums i can alter the cover to??

  21. Sherry Eckblad

    2011-11-08 12:17:48 -0500

    Ali, since the kit was sold out when I went to purchase it for my December Daily do you know if they will be offering just the chipboard album for sale for those of us that want to create our own book?

  22. shannon

    2011-11-13 16:47:04 -0500

    Hey Ali, is there a flickr group for this yet? I have been searching but unable to find it.

  23. Wendy

    2011-11-17 00:24:47 -0500


    I tried to duplicate your cover and so far have painted 2 coats of gesso and two coats of the Martha Stewart cream. I have found the the folds on the chipboard are becoming very weak and tearing. I'm afraid it's not going to hold up. Any advice on how to strengthen it, as I've never worked with chipboard albums before.


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