Italy Sunset | Memory Keeping Via Video

One of the things Paolo and I had fun focusing on in Italy were sounds.

In this day and age there are so many opportunities to be a memory keeper of sounds (via iphone, camera, etc). I need to do this more with my kids. I love the idea of collecting everyday sounds, just like I document everyday stories.

In Italy there were so many things we overheard. Bike bells. Children's voices. Wind. Glasses clinking. Laughter. The click of the shutter. Church bells. Footsteps in gravel. Accordions (and any street music). Silence.

I recorded a sunset at Montecatini Alto to share with you and added an audio clip of a musician to the beginning and end of the video that was recorded with my iphone in San Gimignano. We came across this guy as we walked up to the top of the town to get a view of the towers and the surrounding valley.

Italy Sunset from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

Hope you find yourself on a listening adventure this weekend.


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18 thoughts

  1. Liz

    2011-10-21 08:07:49 -0400

    my favorite is recording laughing priceless and love the sound of a baby nursing...delicious
    italy is just beautiful in sounds...very nice and soothing

  2. Catherine Denton

    2011-10-21 10:19:23 -0400

    I love your idea of documenting sounds. The ones I'd like to capture: the laughter of my family, bird's singing in the backyard, and coffee brewing in the kitchen.
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  3. Wendy

    2011-10-21 10:36:51 -0400

    Loved the sunset, absolutely beautiful. Oh how I wanted to go on this trip! So glad it was wonderful for you!

  4. Gina Crowley

    2011-10-21 11:02:01 -0400

    I noticed all the camera clicks. :)

  5. Marianne

    2011-10-21 13:01:11 -0400

    awesome memory! brings me back to italy!

  6. Jennifer Levin

    2011-10-21 13:16:19 -0400

    I love this idea. I'm not sure why I've never really thought of capturing sounds the way I capture images, and as you said, it's easier now than ever! Thanks for giving me something new to consider!

    In the video I noticed the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze. Beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing! ~Jen

  7. Aimee Confer

    2011-10-21 14:16:54 -0400

    My mom and were just talking about this last night! Recording sounds. That video made my heart beat faster! Beautiful!

  8. elise

    2011-10-21 15:11:54 -0400

    awesome video, and perfect for your one little word.

  9. Linda Trace

    2011-10-21 15:57:52 -0400

    ugh I'm so jealous! I've dreamt of going to Italy my whole life, I'm so happy for you getting to go again! Thanks for filming a little bit of it for us to see!

    I love how you can hear the difference cadence of the language in the background. So beautiful!

  10. patsy

    2011-10-21 17:01:33 -0400

    Great idea to be more conscious of sounds! It can also bring back memories!

  11. Charlene

    2011-10-21 19:16:16 -0400

    That was beautiful, loved the sounds of the leaves rustling. This is something I wish I started a long time ago. My Dad passed away in February and sadly I have no video of him. There is many days when I would give anything to hear his voice again. I must make time to do this more often. Thank you for the reminder :)

  12. Steph

    2011-10-21 19:27:54 -0400

    So cool! I uploaded a video of sounds of downtown San Francisco, including a homeless person who played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" every night when I was there. I could hear it out of my hotel window/balcony.

    I made a QR code out of the youtube link, printed the code, and incorporated it on my scrapbook page. Now, whenever I want to hear it again, I just use the barcode reader on my iPhone and I can hear the sounds again. :)

  13. Anthea

    2011-10-21 19:28:31 -0400

    That's it Ali. I'm going to be in Paris in 2013, I'm determined and you've given me the inspiration. This video seals the deal, I'm off to find my adventure.

  14. KarenH

    2011-10-21 19:52:57 -0400

    This is such a nice idea!
    Ali, I was wondering if you have ever done a post about traveling with your camera? What kind of camera bag to you bring? I assume you carry it on? How do you carry all your cameras when you are sight seeing? Ok, too many questions ;).
    Lovely idea to capture sound!

  15. Char

    2011-10-21 19:58:07 -0400

    I love sounds. Have you ever seen sunrise earth on tv? It shows the sun rising up in different places on earth. you can listen to the sounds of nature etc. It is awesome.

  16. Emily

    2011-10-23 00:46:36 -0400

    Thank you so much for posting this. I took my first trip to Italy 9 years ago and my heart aches to go back ever since. Sigh....

  17. Amber

    2011-10-23 03:30:33 -0400

    Dude I love this! I have been doing little audio clips of Tuesday since she was a baby (via the voice recorder on my iPhone) and I love them. Of course we have little videos too, but just the sound is so fun for me. I love hearing how her giggle has stayed the same. It's hard to notice when you see how different she looks months later; with just the sound you can focus on different things. Plus Tuesday loves hearing what we record, so it's extra sweet.

  18. megan lyons

    2011-10-23 18:45:29 -0400

    My husband and I just returned from 3 weeks in italy. San Gim was one of our favorite places. Thanks so much for sharing. I am loving all your photos...but the video was so great!

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