Taking It All In

Photo by Paolo Liloc.

Finishing up our first week in Italy and feeling so very thankful for this experience.

Thankful for the wonderfully kind, creative, fun people I'm traveling with - their enthusiasm and zest has been contagious. Thankful that Jim is such a charismatic guide. Thankful that my international travel companion (and friend of 22 years) Paolo was able to come along for the ride. Thankful for  the scenery, the sunsets, the history, the weather, the wine, the pasta, the laughter - it's really been a wonderful experience so far.

We've got another week of traveling to go including a day in Florence, Rome and then back to New York City at the end of the week.

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  1. Paula G

    2011-10-10 09:42:45 -0400

    Enjoy every well-deserved minute! How I wish I could have gone too!

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  2. cheryl@Notesfromthecrystalstairs

    2011-10-10 10:28:49 -0400

    Now this is living I love that sunset!

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  3. Liz Ness

    2011-10-10 11:00:38 -0400

    So thankful for the photos you and Paolo are sharing. Such a beautiful place and you both are so good at capturing the magic of it! =)

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  4. Tammy Davis

    2011-10-10 11:06:48 -0400

    Great layout (and costume!). Have fun with your travels and stay safe! (Does Simon ever take the costume off?)

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  5. JillT

    2011-10-10 11:07:32 -0400

    Fabulous photo by your talented friend. Not a bad location either :)

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  6. Cecilia Madden

    2011-10-10 11:14:53 -0400

    I'm jealous! How splendid :) Glad you're enjoying the time away.

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  7. Amy C.

    2011-10-10 12:37:29 -0400

    Thank YOU Ali! You have been so personable and a joy to be around. And thanks for the sunscreen! My forehead WAS baking big time!

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  8. Michele

    2011-10-10 12:42:16 -0400

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories!

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  9. Katrina Grabowski

    2011-10-10 13:08:45 -0400

    What a wonderful experience for a well deserving women! I hope you continue to enjoy the journey....

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  10. Dana

    2011-10-10 13:25:29 -0400

    Just got back from Florence and Pisa this morning. Lovely places. Be sure to climb the tower near the Duomo. The views are amazing. Trattoria Nella @ Via Delle Terme 19 R has amazing food and house wine. Have fun!

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  11. Sharon Dryjanski

    2011-10-10 14:42:20 -0400


    so happy that you are enjoying the trip.....take lots of pics ( as if that is not a given LOL) hugs and blessings

    sharon dryjanski

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  12. Jean

    2011-10-10 15:16:32 -0400

    So happy for you! What a fabulous opportunity to recharge.

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  13. Gayle

    2011-10-10 15:40:25 -0400

    *sigh* what a gorgeous picture, and a fabulous itinerary ahead! Thank you for sharing Ali :)

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  14. gladdie

    2011-10-10 17:57:58 -0400

    Hi Ali, enjoy the journey!!
    (See, I am learning from you! lol)

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  15. Christine

    2011-10-10 18:03:06 -0400

    How wonderful! Soak up all you can :) Blessings to you.

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  16. kat-in-texas

    2011-10-10 18:26:59 -0400

    Oh, how I would love to see "David" in Florence!!! Take it all in, Ali!!!

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  17. Cindy

    2011-10-10 19:26:58 -0400

    I am so glad to hear you sounding happy and enjoying life! Have a WONDERFUL time!!

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  18. sophie

    2011-10-10 21:18:23 -0400

    sounds amazing! can't wait to see all the pictures you're taking. enjoy the food, too! safe travels!

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  19. Mel

    2011-10-10 22:14:07 -0400

    Che bella! I hope you will love Florence! I was fortunate enough to spend my junior year of college abroad in Florence two years ago. If you would like some good restaurant recommendations or fun, non-touristy things to check out, please let me know! Mi manca Firenze!

    * edited 08/11/14 07:30AM
  20. Jenni Hufford

    2011-10-11 07:22:20 -0400

    so glad you are having a wonderful time-- been thinking of you, P, and the mykonos girls lots this week. i can almost hear all the laughter from here :)

    * edited 08/11/14 07:30AM
  21. Toni From

    2011-10-11 10:16:39 -0400

    Paolo and Ali= good times at the Bell and later in life. Glad you are both having a great time. Can't wait to see what you do for Project Life from your travels.

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  22. Patricia

    2011-10-11 19:51:11 -0400

    Here's to being renewed in more ways than one! :)

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  23. Katie

    2011-10-12 10:35:37 -0400

    Enjoy this gift of time. Safe travels!

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  24. Sarah Jane

    2011-10-13 09:58:39 -0400

    Sounds delightful... as I read this post, I couldn't help, but to think about the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" and how HUNGRY it made me to see all that delicious looking food. :)

    * edited 08/11/14 07:30AM
  25. Nancy G.

    2011-10-13 17:50:34 -0400

    From that photo it looks as though you are savoring every moment. I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Italy over the summer. Florence was amazing. When you walk around a corner and see the Duomo before you it is amazing. Hope you get to see the sculpture David. One day is not enough but it will be magical.

    * edited 08/11/14 07:30AM
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