The Weekend Lens

This past weekend was a working-weekend for me.

Liz and I met up in Portland to talk business - retreats, classes, and different ways we can encourage people to tell their stories.

We met up with Kelly Rae for a bit of work mixed with fun and ended up out in Forest Grove at McMenamin's Grand Lodge for a vintage extravaganza called Plucky Maidens Junk Fest.

Today I'm feeling extra thankful for good friends, good business banter, and the chance to hang out in person vs. on the screen.

It was just what I needed.

Now I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving. I've got a busy couple of days before the holiday - meetings, appointments, regular work-stuff, cooking, etc. I know the next three days are going to fly by.

One thing on my list is that I need to make a couple pies. Any favorite pie recipes that you'd like to share?

Simon will want a chocolate pie of course and then I'm thinking about making two more. Maybe a cranberry-pear (it's been a few years since I made that one) or an apple and a pumpkin?

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