Project Life | Week Forty-Six

Welcome to Project Life | Week Forty-Six.

I feel a bit like this week was a calm before the storm of the holidays week.

Chris and I observed Simon during part of his school day which was a very informative experience. I loved watching him interact with one of his main teachers and was excited to get a shot of the two of them working together (I'm not sure that I have any other photos of the two of them together and she's had a major positive role in his educational experience in grade school).

One insert this week - a 6x12 page protector with a bit of the top trimmed off to fit the recognition card Simon brought home from school.

On the back I slipped in a printed email Chris sent me about Anna wanting ear-rings because she's a big girl and didn't have an "askidents" at school.

A receipt from parking at the library, a piece of a Spanish coloring sheet Anna brought home from school, a tag from some jeans, a couple photos from my weekend, a response to one of my tweets from my friend Karen about Simon's "sparkle" and a couple photos of everyday life with the kids round out the week.

I also wanted to highlight a great post this week from Michelle Wooderson (part of the new Project Life Creative Team): Project Life | On Getting Behind, Getting Caught Up.


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