December Daily™ 2011 | Day Nineteen

Welcome to December Daily™ 2011 | Day Nineteen.

The kids are home which means a big change to my regular work-day routine (hence posts not greeting you bright and early in the morning).

Yesterday was one of those "everyday" December holiday days spent mainly in and around the kitchen.

I decided to take a cue from how I was feeling and just document the basics of the day.

I used that great American Crafts Hollyday Red Suit paper as the foundation for my journaling. I mixed in Hero Arts Basic Uppercase stamps with my handwriting and added some of the Authentique black and white word stickers along a couple of the lines.

I paired that journaling with a shot of the kids helping me make some cookies:

On the photo I added word art from my Messy Little Christmas set. The strips along the bottom are from My Mind's Eye.

Here's a look at both pages in the album:


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36 thoughts

  1. telisj

    2011-12-20 19:57:18 -0500

    You just blow me away with your talent & creativity Ali! Beautiful page!

  2. Janette

    2011-12-20 20:08:57 -0500

    This page is awesome Ali! I love your journaling creativity! Wish I had even a quarter of your imagination!

  3. Stephanie

    2011-12-20 21:15:15 -0500

    Love it Ali!!! I've been hoarding that paper for a while because I love it so much! What a wonderful way to actually "use" the paper. You are truly an inspiration!!

  4. libby gordon

    2011-12-20 21:17:01 -0500

    Loved the idea of journaling in the stripes of the paper-what a great idea! Their expressions are great:)

  5. Cynthia H

    2011-12-20 21:30:14 -0500

    I love how you used the striped paper for journaling and the way the letter stickers are mixed in. It looks so cool!!

  6. rhonda

    2011-12-20 21:44:11 -0500

    Cookie days are the best days! Love Anna's expression!

  7. Michell

    2011-12-20 22:02:40 -0500

    Love it! The journaling is so perfectly paired with the large photo.

  8. Nicky from Canada

    2011-12-20 22:18:49 -0500

    This is lovely. How wonderful and full the days are when school is out.

  9. Rosie

    2011-12-20 22:29:58 -0500

    You know what I find so cool about your approach is how you find a way to make the products work for you rather than work them in to your design. I never would have thought to journal on that paper but when I see you do it I'm thinking "GENIUS"!!!!

  10. Lorette C

    2011-12-20 22:47:42 -0500

    What a great way to decorate stripes!!! I love it! You are truly an inspiration! The kids look ready to lick that bowl!! How fun!

  11. aliza

    2011-12-20 22:53:02 -0500

    What a great photo!

  12. Kimberly

    2011-12-20 23:45:09 -0500

    Completely LOVE this layout. The journaling page is super beautiful and creative!

  13. Caroline

    2011-12-20 23:52:09 -0500

    Definitely going to scraplift that journaling idea - genius!

  14. Ilona

    2011-12-21 03:01:44 -0500

    So cute, look at Annas expression - priceless!!

  15. esther_a

    2011-12-21 04:00:56 -0500

    I could NOT have done that journaling so it magically filled all the stripes and finished so perfectly at the end. You are amazing! OK, now I've read it all I think I need a nap myself ;)

  16. dawn

    2011-12-21 05:49:52 -0500

    I love how you wrote on the striped paper, so cool and creative.

    My paper collection is filled with striped paper as it is my favorite kind. Now I have a new idea for it, thank you thank you!!

    Love their sweet photo and what a busy day you had.

  17. Susan

    2011-12-21 07:34:42 -0500

    even your simple pages are awesome. thanks.

  18. HeatherC

    2011-12-21 08:15:28 -0500

    Love this page -- great idea of how to use the striped paper. Today is the first day my kids are home -- it is a rainy day and I know we will be baking today!

    Wanted to share with you how your project bonds friends together. One of my craftiest friends cannot get your blog on her internet connection at work. We love this project and do it every year and so look forward to your daily posts and inspiration. Every morning I copy your post into an email and send it to her. We love it --- thanks for continuing to do this project every year.

  19. {vicki}

    2011-12-21 11:01:58 -0500

    THis is my FAVORITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you did your journaling!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. jennifer

    2011-12-21 11:04:14 -0500

    So very perfect! I love the idea of documenting a day to look back at in the future when the routine is completely different. Of course, your creativity is amazing, LOVE the journaling!

  21. Katie Scott

    2011-12-21 13:36:01 -0500

    Love the "Christmas is Awesome"

  22. Sarah J.

    2011-12-21 18:03:09 -0500

    Thanks for another great idea! I struggle all the the time on what to journal on! Duh! What about lined paper. Thank you!

  23. ckcpurple

    2011-12-23 20:41:06 -0500

    Wow! I really love how you used the paper. I don't think I would have thought of that. Clever!!!

  24. Maricel C.

    2011-12-27 14:20:40 -0500

    The journaling is really really creative. Awesome job!

  25. December Daily- Days #17 – #26 | Learn With Jenny

    2011-12-30 09:08:40 -0500

    [...] took inspiration from Ali to do my journaling except I cut my only piece of paper wrong, so it goes from right to left. [...]

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