December Daily™ 2011 | Day Twenty-Two

Welcome to December Daily™ 2011 | Day Twenty-Two.

Can't believe there's just a couple days left before Christmas.

Chris has the kids today and I'm busy wrapping and cleaning up my office and getting ready for the celebration that's on it's way.

One of the things I've loved this year is that my Mom sent a few little gifts that were ornaments that belonged to my Grandma Cathy (my Mom's Mom). Fun for the kids and fun for me. My Grandma Cathy got to meet Simon (loved him of course) but she never got to meet Anna - we know she would have just loved her to pieces. She especially would have loved Anna's early interest in clothes and getting all dressed-up. We love you and miss you Grandma!

Made a little "joy to the world" word art to cut with the Silhouette. If you purchased the kit from Studio Calico it's available for you to download on the December Daily™ message board over there (you need to have purchased the kit and be logged in to access it).

Christmas Quote Strip on top of the photo (my Mom had sent me that quote awhile back and I found it perfectly fitting).

Here's a look at these pages in the album:


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