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December 31, 2011

Sponsor Giveaways | Lisa Leonard, Chic Tags, Photo-A-Day

GIVEAWAY | Three people will receive a personalized word of the year necklace from Lisa Leonard.

SPECIAL OFFER | Use code onelittleword {all one word, all lowercase} for 15% off a word of the year necklace. The code expires Monday, January 2nd.

ABOUT LISA | I have been making jewelry since high school but i decided to get serious after my first son, David, was born. I wanted to start a small business that would enable me to quit my job and stay home with my boys. At the time, I had never taken any formal classes or received special training in jewelry making. I just went for it! I am kind of the “jump in and learn as you go” type. Creating jewelry not only allowed me to work from home, but has connected me with so many amazing women along the way.

My desire is to create simple, lovely pieces that can be worn with jeans or your little black dress. I want each piece to be meaningful. Our custom jewelry is hand-stamped with your kids’ names or a special phrase or verse. I love to touch my necklace throughout the day and reflect on my husband and my sweet boys.

Each piece we create is a work of art—hand cut;hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with care. I am inspired by other artists—painters, scrapbookers, clothing designers and poets. I also love to soak up nature-the sky, the sea, the green hills. I let all these ideas and images swirl around in my mind and then I create. When an idea hits me I sketch it out and play until the perfect design comes together.

Lisa Leonard Designs exists because moms, grandmas and friends have shared our designs with each other while waiting in line at the grocery store or sipping coffee with a friend. Most of our customers find us through word of mouth. We know that you’ll find the perfect piece.

Come visit my blog to hear more of our story and please share your story with us!


GIVEAWAY | One person will receive a $30 gift certificate to Chic Tags.

Chic Tags has new additions in their shop including Valentine items, NEW flair button embellishments, & Everyday Life tags. The new Valentine tags are sprinkled with love and will be perfect for cards, mini albums or layouts. The Everyday Life line is perfect for your Project Life album. These tags are bright and fun with a splash of vintage! The new calendar and number tags are fun for any project year round! New flair buttons add the perfect dimension to any crafty project.

All Chic Tags items are printed using quality inks, & papers. Every item is proudly made in the USA.


GIVEAWAY | One person will receive a spot in Nicole Samuels new downloadable class at Studio Calico called Photo-A-Day. ***Please note that registration for this class ends on Saturday, December 31.

Photo-A-Day is a self-paced PDF class taught by Kicole Samuels and is designed for you to download, save, print, and use at any time. Nicole will be hosting two online chats during the month of January and will continue to be available throughout the entire year on the private message board.

Nicole is joined by Tina Aszmus, Ali Edwards, Maggie Holmes, Liz Kartchner, Laura Kurz, Kelly Purkey, and Lisa Truesdell who have all participated in taking a photo-a-day and are ready to share their tips for success with you. You’ll see examples from all the contributors using a variety of cameras and ideas. The PDF also includes ideas for what to do with your pictures and examples of projects you can make.

Here’s some specific details:

  • START DATE: January 1, 2012 (registration ends on December 31)
  • PRICE: $12.00
  • CLASS INCLUDES: A complete PDF full of ideas for taking a photo-a-day, inspiration to help you stay on track for the entire year, photo examples from Nicole + the contributors, a private message board to chat with your Photo-a-Day classmates, two live chats with Nicole.
  • SUPPLIES: All you need is a camera! Nicole will cover ideas for using digital SLRs, point + shoots, phones, and Instax cameras. You don’t need any fancy equipment to participate in the class and she will share tips on being pleased with your results no matter what camera you have.

TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway please leave a comment below (if you are reading this post on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments will be closed at 8pm Pacific on Sunday. Winner’s will be posted shortly after. Please be sure to check back or subscribe (click here to get posts delivered to your email box) to see if you are receiving one of the items this week.


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    Such pretty things! The photo a day class is just what I need to kick off 2012.

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    Too much fun…love love love lisa’s stuff plus a photo a day would be GREAT!

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    3 prizes that I would looooove to have. fingers crossed. thank you!

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    I have a Lisa Leonard necklace with the names of my three children on it and it’s such a touchstone for me. I wear it every day and it looks better and better as it gets a patina. Wish I could say the same for myself! Would love to get another with a word for the year. I’m thinking “challenge”.

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      Alida said it perfectly! Happy New Year!

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    Love the necklace and the photography class looks amazing.

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    What awesome prizes. My word for 2012 is embrace, so the necklace really caught my eye.

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    Beautiful! LOVE your giveaways, Ali! Thanks!

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    Helen Shields said…

    Having just signed up for One Little Word and Cathy’s class at Big Picture any of these giveaways would make my day. We have a fight on our hands with our furry boy who we are on the brink of saying goodbye to. At 13.5 he is a good age but I am not sure I am ready to say goodbye just yet. With a husband in Afghanistan I really need something good and something productive to focus on this year. Looking forward to moving ahead with my life and taking the time to look inwardly a bit more and focus on what is real and worthwhile to me. Best of wishes to you during the start of this new phase in your life Ali, cannot wait to start a new chapter tomorrow!

    • ….
      ShellyP said…

      So sorry to hear of your situation with your pal, we lost one of our special girls this year and Christmas just wasn’t the same (she was 9). It’s never easy, but we don’t want them to suffer and we just have to focus on the good times we had with them, and the good life we made for them in our homes. Good luck and Happy New Year. Prayers coming your way.

    • ….
      Sharon in TX said…

      Helen, sending you thoughts of comfort. I, too, have been through your situation with special pet friends. Such a hard thing to do, but I have always felt peaceful after knowing they were in a better place. Also, want to say THANK YOU to both you & your husband for his service and for the sacrifices you are both making for our country. It is deeply appreciated.

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    Amy svob said…

    Signed up for your One Little Word class just trying to get my selection down to one. These are wonderful giveaways Ali! Happy New Year!

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