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December 15, 2011

The Evolution Of My Story

It’s always been my goal to authentically share my story both in my scrapbooks and in this online space.

To me that means addressing the good, the bad, the beautiful, the successes, the challenges – the very real pieces of my life.

As many of you have noticed, and some have commented and emailed, Chris has been mostly absent for some time from the stories and photos. He has decided that he wants something different with his life and we are in the process of getting a divorce.

Chris continues to maintain an active role in the kid’s lives.

There is nothing easy about this.

It’s very hard and very stressful and very sad.

And yet, the story continues for all of us. For him and me. For the kids and me. For him and the kids. And there are many, many things I have to be thankful for in my life.

I’ve always maintained, and taught in my workshops, that not all stories need to be told.

But here, in this space, it’s important to me that there’s a general awareness of this change. This will allow me to more authentically share my story going forward.

A few months ago I asked for your prayers, your positive energy, your wishes of strength and peace, and your compassion. I’d humbly ask for your continued kindness as this specific chapter closes and new ones begin.

As you consider leaving a comment I would also humbly ask that you focus on something positive, compassionate and/or uplifting. Our heartfelt intent is to maintain a positive relationship as we move forward in our lives.

Wishing all of you, especially any of you who may be experiencing something similar within your own family, peace during the Christmas season.


  • 51.
    Pam said…

    I’m saddened to hear this. You, Chris and your children are in my prayers as you begin a new chapter in all your lives. I know you to be an extraordinary woman and feel confident that you will go forward in this with grace, sensitivity and strength. {{{HUGS}}}

  • 52.
    Jean said…

    Wishing you and yours all the best on your journey, Ali. May your twinkle shine brightly.

  • 53.
    Jayne Taylor said…

    Wishing you all the best for this transition … prayers and hugs to you all.

  • 54.
    Tara said…

    I’m so sorry you’re going through something so difficult. I’ll keep your family in my thoughts!

  • 55.
    rhonda said…

    Ali I am truly sad to hear about this, but you are a WONDERFUL mother,sister, daughter and friend. Many happy thoughts and prayers for each day.

  • 56.
    MichelleB said…

    Ali – you are a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your family on this blog. You have lots of love and support from many people who have never met you- but we feel like we know you and we are your friends. I wish you only lots of happiness as you move forward with your life. (HUGS)

  • 57.
    Kelly McCord said…

    My heart hurts for you. I will keep you all in my prayers. Next time you are in Portland, let me know so we can get coffee and I can give you a big hug. (I find that hugs may not fix everything, but they certainly help).


  • 58.
    Peg said…

    Ali, I’m so sorry to hear this is the way it all sorted out. I’d hoped that maybe this season would pass and things would get back on track but it is not meant to be this time. It has been wonderful to see your parents in your projects. I know this must be a huge help and support to you and I hope they and all that know you and love you and your family are able to bring comfort to you during the difficult days. I know you and Chris will do what it takes to take care of the kids, you always do. You amaze me with the beautiful documentation of these days when I know it might not always be easy. You are amazing! Hugs and know that you are so admired and appreciated.

  • 59.
    heather Prins said…

    You have great courage Ali, hugs to you and your family through this. Even apart I know you & Chris will continue to be wonderful parents together for Simon and Anna.

  • 60.
    Marie said…

    Ali – you are handling this with such class and grace. I am sending kind thoughts and prayers your way.

  • 61.
    Courtney said…

    I wish you, Chris, Simon, and Anna peace this holiday season and always. Thank you for sharing your evolving journey with us.

  • 62.
    slmnontec said…

    Ali, thank you for leading all of us out here who faithfully follow your example. You have been so composed, so brave and once again so authentic. We are here cheering you on. You go girl! Peace and love to you today….

  • 63.
    allyson said…

    Ali, Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You help me to have the courage to share more of my authentic self. Thank you for courage. Praying for strength and peace.

  • 64.
    Ann said…

    I didn’t know about the troubles you were having, but now that I do, I wanted to tell you that I appreciate so much all that you do. Every time I read your blog I wonder how in the world you have time to not only document your family’s life, but to help all of us who are trying to do the same. All of the blog posts and photos and links to products are so extremely helpful, and you doing this while going through such a trying time in your life is remarkably kind.
    I hope you fine peace during this Christmas season, and thank you for all you do.

  • 65.
    Ginny said…

    Praying God blesses you with strength and joy as you move forward.

  • 66.
    Susan said…

    Hugs, Ali. Thinking of you.

  • 67.
    Jillian said…

    I have been thinking of you so often since September. I know you will find a way forward. Happy holidays to your family.

  • 68.
    paula said…

    As bad as things may seem, there’s always someone in a worse situation. My gradeschool chum’s younger brother had a stroke last Thursday. He’s still heavily sedated & they’re not sure yet what the long term effects will be. It’s just some perspective. Prayers for you & if you have the inclination–say a prayer for Denny at Henry Ford Hosp in Detroit as well.

  • 69.
    Fran said…

    My prayers and loving thoughts are with you during this difficult times. Our Lord will guide you and give you strength to continue on with your life. Chris and you created two beautiful children and they are such huge blessings.

  • 70.
    rachel anderson said…

    sending you peace, Ali. I very much admire you.

  • 71.
    Beck said…

    Thank you for your honest sharing Ali. I’ve been thinking of you for some time and mindful of what may be happening. Know that this community will be loving you and cheering you on from all over the world- I, in Australia are just one!
    We love the way that you share with us and inspire us with your stories and life. Hugs to you and the kids and Chris as you move forward in new ways. Much love, Beck xoxo

  • 72.
    Delanie said…

    Classy, as always Ali.

    Best wishes to you and your family moving forward.

  • 73.
    Roben-Marie said…

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. May God bless you all!

  • 74.
    Whitney said…

    Just want to tell you your blog inspires me to tell my ‘real life’ story for my children and for me. You’re a great mom and I appreciate your blog as a small window into your creative life. I am always happy and inspired after leaving this space- thank you!

  • 75.
    Karalyn said…

    So sorry that you are going through this Ali! I wish you continued strength and happiness for you, Simon, and Anna! I hope you can find good during this Holiday season!!

  • 76.
    Stephanie said…

    You are truly an amazing woman. Thank for showing us that it’s ok to share the good and bad. It’s makes us who we are. Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season.

  • 77.
    Marianne said…

    I wish you only peace in your heart and the strength to handle what you’re going through with grace. Take comfort in the love and joy from your 2 beautiful children. Stay Strong. May God Bless you.

  • 78.
    Allie.Duckienz said…

    I thought that it was probably the case. Ironically the breakdown of my own relationship has happened at the same time. I have been able to grieve along with you. I saw your strength and your focusing on the positive and that has enabled me to do the same. Thank you for being a role model Ali. Thank you for sharing. We still haven’t told the people in our life as we didn’t want to spoil Christmas for them but I think maybe honesty is best.
    You are such an inspiration and I send you my love xxx

    • ….
      Julie MacManus said…

      so sorry to hear that. sending you positive vibes and good thoughts for the holidays season, good luck breaking the news.
      julie from wellington

  • 79.
    Stephanie said…

    after my divorce I embraced the new connection that formed between Caitlyn and i. we became mother and child all over again in a new, changed way. I appreciated her so much more – which surprised me. enjoy the new journey you are embarking on with Simon and Anna. it will change you for the better. :-)

  • 80.
    Rebekah said…

    Ali, so sorry to hear this and yet I know you will find the strength to move forward. And I know your new OLW will provide opportunity for finding that strength in looking up.

  • 81.


    Powerful quote.
    Poignant post.
    Graceful moment.

    I am not good with comforting words. But felt compelled to leave a note to say one more person is truly sorry with you and am channeling all the good will I can muster across state lines to you and the kids.


  • 82.
    Colleen said…

    Thank you for being authentic. You are an inspiration.

  • 83.
    christen said…

    thank you for sharing so much of your life with us! i am impressed with how you are handling this. i feel as though we are friends (or would be)… you are in my thoughts and prayers. life can be so hard! just take it one day at a time.

  • 84.
    Janet said…

    Ali, You are a remarkable woman and your strength will get you through this. You and your family are going into my God box tonight. Know that your are in the thoughts and prayers of a lot of people who’s lives you’ve touched.

  • 85.
    Christie said…


    Prayers of peace for you and your family. I am amazed by your strength and your determination to tell (and share) your story. May you feel the love of your “fans” during the difficult times. Thank you for blessing me (and ultimately my family) by continuing to inspire me daily.

  • 86.
    Krista said…

    Sometimes life takes us in a different direction than we initially intended for ourselves. There is truly a reason for everything and while those reasons don’t often come to light in the midst of difficult situations they are there-somewhere, waiting for us. I wish you all the best in your relationship with Chris and hope that you both find what you are looking for. I’ll keep your family in my prayers this holiday season.

    • ….
      Flossy said…

      You keep it up now, unndastrde? Really good to know.

  • 87.
    Karen S said…

    You are such an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being so real and sharing your gifts with us. You are brave and courageous. Most importantly, as readers, we can see the love you have for Simon and Anna. How fortunate they are to have a mom like you. They are blessed. May you find a place of peace and comfort during these difficult times.

  • 88.
    Kellie T said…

    I don’t normally comment, though I read your blog faithfully. As many others have said (and from the little I know from meeting you in person at various classes/events); if anyone can do this, you can. You are so brave, and amazing, and loving, and kind. You are not only a terrific mama to two very special children, you are an amazing person who’s light shines everyday. Hugs and prayers to you and your children as you move on to the next chapter and continue your story.

  • 89.
    Jennifer Kolakowski said…

    Ali-i check in every day. I am so grateful for you and your blog. You inspire me in so many ways. Which is an understatement. You are in my prayers. So much love to you all.

  • 90.
    Elizabeth*S* said…

    Your strength and courage are admirable. Know that you have an endless support group throughout the world that is lifting you and your beautiful up in prayer. May God continue to bless you.

  • 91.
    Denise said…

    My thoughts & prayers are with you during this difficult time. aving watched 3 siblings go through the same thing, I can testify that life does go on and can be just as beautiful as you want it to be. Thank you for sharing yourself with us so honestly and openly. I’ll keep you in my thoughts as you start this new chapter of your life and pray that it will be everything you could dream of. Lots of love & Merry Christmas!

  • 92.
    Kat said…

    Thank you for your courage and your intergrity, Ali. You are a wonderful person, a beautiful mother, a fearless creator, and a gorgeous inspiration. Any person would be lucky to have you as their partner.

    As Hafiz said:

    “This sky
    where we live
    is no place to lose your wings.
    So love, love

    Much love to you, and power to your wings.
    Kat x

  • 93.
    Melissa said…

    Dear Ali
    I am praying for you, Chris, Simon and Anna. I hope that you all enjoy a lovely Christmas and that 2012 bring healing into your life.
    Thankyou for sharing so honestly with us over these years. Here’s to happier days ahead.

  • 94.
    Kym said…

    So much grace to share something so intimate and painful with all of us. I offer you a humble thank you and stand in awe of your grace and class. All my best to you and your family. XO

  • 95.
    Jennifer Henson said…

    What a difficult time-many prayers for you-all of you. May 2012 bring peace and happiness.

  • 96.
    Evia said…

    You’re a strong woman Ali and I admire your spirit. You’re such an awesome Mom – Simon and Anna are lucky to have you! Wishing you all the very best.

  • 97.
    Debbie said…

    I have followed you blog since I met you at CKU 6/08 Houston. I feel like I know you and your family because of your gift of sharing through words and pictures. Life happens. That’s for sure. Plan B. Even when there was no plan B. I’m on plan C and D in some areas of my life! God bless you all, you will be in my prayers as I think of you. Know that you have helped to change my life in such a great way through memory keeping. Thank you for that. Debbie

  • 98.
    laura g. said…

    Your last paragraph spoke to me as we are experiencing a divorce in our family the mother, my daughter in law, continues to lie and keep the children from my son as much as possible. he is biding his time until the paper work is drawn up the courts spelling out the visitation and trying to make the situation the best he can for his children. it is very painful to watch this, but there are blessings i have seen my son grow up in many ways he is questioning the best way to parent and explain the situation to the kids without demeaning their mother
    i am sorry for anyone who has to go through a divorce it is painful but there are blessings along the way Bless you and your family it will be all right!!!

  • 99.
    Elisa said…

    Dear Ali,

    I’m so sorry to hear about this. My parents are divorced and I would just like to offer that they did a wonderful job post divorce of parenting me. It is possible. I’m sure beautiful things are ahead for you. Sending you positive energy.

  • 100.
    Cynthia said…

    god you impress me. i have wondered but never wanted to intrude in your personal life. i think you are such an amazing and graceful person. in spite of whatever pain you may feel, you will move through this with the integrity and dignity you display here because you love your kids and act with your kid’s best intentions always at the forefront. ‘this too will pass,’ was what has gotten me through rough times. your life is so full Ali, your children are an absolute joy and your craft is spectacular. my wish for you is that you allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions throughout this process so that when the time is right you will be able to close this door knowing that you are all right with yourself. i think with lots of admiration that you will continue to be unselfish and gracious where your children are involved. a very good friend of mine has always said that in order to feel absolute joy one must be willing to feel absolute pain. thank you for being so honest. you are in my thoughts and prayers. seriously you rock woman!

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