9 Cool Things About Simon's Birthday Party

COOL THING #1 | This photo. Katie snapped it during the craziness of the birthday party, after the kids had finished the treasure hunt (the glasses were some of the prizes). I'm thankful that this was my prize.

COOL THING #2 | Simon getting an email from my parents first thing in the morning with an interactive card and fun Spongebob game. I'm thankful for all the ways my parents have connected with Simon.

COOL THING #3 | For his party Simon really wanted to have "marshmallow lasagna." The idea for this dessert came about from a show called Wubbzy and he's talked about it from time to time in the past. I googled "marshmallow lasagna" and found a few different recipes. We ended up doing a modified version of this one - it's basically a smores casserole and it is super, super sweet. For some reason (most likely it's part of the Wubbzy episode that Simon has memorized) he asked for grated cheese on top of his. I'm thankful that he wanted to try something new.

COOL THING #4 | The kids really played together. There was chasing (Simon's favorite), and laughing, and running around upstairs and downstairs, and light sabers and swords. More than half (actually most) of the kids at Simon's party are somewhere on the autism spectrum. They've been in the same program with each other since kindergarten and we've watched each of them grow and develop over the last few years. Most of the same kids were here last year and this year there was really a difference in the way they interacted with one another. I'm so thankful to those kids and their parents for showing up.

COOL THING #5 | I got some photos that I really like of all the kids together eating at the table. I'm not going to be sharing them here but I'm really happy that I took them. Those photos especially remind me just how old he is getting. I'm thankful for the chance to share these photos of friendship with Simon.

COOL THING #6 | My sister sent a bouquet of birthday balloons for Simon. I'm thankful for my sister who is always so thoughtful when it comes to celebrations.

COOL THING #7 | Chris organized a fun treasure hunt (you can see the flier he made up in my Project Life post here) that included five different pirate treasures. I'm thankful for the relationship that Chris has built with Simon and for the one they are building now.

COOL THING #8 | Lots of Ninjago. I'm thankful that Simon's current favorite lego theme has books available.

COOL THING #9 | The nap time after the party. An early in the day party meant time left in the day for a nap on the couch for me. I'm thankful that Anna took a nap (she was exhausted from the excitement) and that Simon was ready and willing to play in peace and quiet with his new toys.

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