Anna | First Ballet Class In Photos

Last week Anna attended her first ballet/tap class.

Her enthusiasm was awesome. She was so excited to pack up a ballet bag that included slippers and tap shoes and head to class.

There's no doubt I was really, really excited too. I got to watch her through a window and loved seeing her experience the motions and follow directions and watch the other girls.

She's totally ready to go again this week.

Love that she's getting to do something that is just for her.

I'm getting excited about the upcoming Craft & Hobby Association trade show later this month. I'll be attending for the first time since Anna was born - time is flying.

Today I wanted to share a quick sneak peek of some brads from Elizabeth Kartchner's Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line for American Crafts. That little fabric brad with the camera is super cute. Her new line features 22 papers, including a darling stitched ruffle paper & three patterned vellum papers. Complementing the papers are a variety of embellishments from painted wood buttons, epoxy stickers, chipboard word banners, embroidered brads & woodgrain chipboard pieces. Other new additions joining in on the fun are Flutterbys (sewn butterfly & pendant banners), a Roller & Phrase Stamp and Paper Pinwheels.

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  1. Debbie P

    2012-01-16 14:59:07 -0500

    Oh Ali, this is so adorable. She looks so adorable in her little ballet outfit. You must just feel giddy! Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for introducing this yummy Dear Lizzy product. It's fantastic!

  2. Julie B

    2012-01-16 15:02:00 -0500

    Oh! These pictures bring back so many wonderful memories! Enjoy!!

  3. Gypsy Chaos

    2012-01-16 15:45:14 -0500

    seems like I was watching my daughter's first recital - very pregnant with twins - only yesterday.

    those twins turned 19 a few months ago.

  4. Andrea Victoria

    2012-01-16 15:48:26 -0500

    So much fun in store for both you and Anna! Eleanor just started ballet, and it is so cute! Hope to see you at CHA, I will be attending this year for the first time a very long time as well.

  5. kat-in-texas

    2012-01-16 18:41:07 -0500

    She's adorable!!! They're precious at that age in dance!!!

  6. Barb in AK

    2012-01-16 18:49:59 -0500

    Oh, how I always wanted to be a dancer! Even if Anna never becomes a prima ballerina, she will learn wonderful, life-long skills :-) Allie, did you take dance lessons when you were young?

  7. cher

    2012-01-16 19:37:50 -0500

    oh she is so sweet!!!!!!

  8. Paula G

    2012-01-16 20:47:21 -0500

    Hurray for Anna! Wishing her lots of fun!

  9. Ruth G

    2012-01-16 21:16:05 -0500

    There's nothing sweeter than small girls with big dreams dancing around! My DD (now 12 - how time has flown) didn't want to do a recital (she was very shy at that age and still doesn't really like being singled out...) so I don't have many pictures of her dancing, but I do have those memories of how fun it was to spy and how sweet she was. You'll both be so glad that you were able to be there to experience and document this exciting time for Anna!

  10. able mabel

    2012-01-16 23:24:02 -0500

    Oh how cute! Love the brads too!

  11. Anthea

    2012-01-17 00:05:35 -0500

    Oh, how I wish I'd had a little girl since I've seen this photos. Just Beautiful.

  12. sharon

    2012-01-17 00:29:15 -0500

    Darling she is beautiful!

  13. Heather of WA State

    2012-01-17 00:32:27 -0500

    You are so lucky to have photos of Anna's ballet. My daughter's professional ballet school had a "NO PHOTOS" policy that was strictly adhered to, for class as well as performances. I think it was because some of the students were the kids of famous/weathly people who didn't want their kid's photo to end up in People magazine. Although I took photos of my daughter at home in her costumes before and after her performances, I was sad to never capture images of her in action during that time of her life.

  14. Neusinha Fusco

    2012-01-17 06:26:47 -0500

    My God, this girl grew up fast. I remember you pregnant. Followed here in Brazil, via the Internet, creescimento your child, your moving house, and now, the development of Anna. How good God is coming!

  15. Jaimee H.

    2012-01-17 11:25:59 -0500

    so precious...I used to dance and remember these early days. She will have so much fun and these will be so fun to scrap. :) I too adore that little camera brad, want to wear it as a pin.

  16. Jenny L.

    2012-01-17 11:27:48 -0500

    So cute Ali! I danced for a long time and it all started off just like this! Another thought for an activity for her would be gymnastics. I also did this and it taught me so much more than just how to tumble and do skills. This is so cute!

  17. Mamasue123

    2012-01-17 11:48:32 -0500

    Aww, this brings back so many memories, what a precious time!!

  18. Patti L

    2012-01-17 12:01:12 -0500

    Aww, she's so cute! I danced as a kid/teen (still do sometimes), and I still credit dancing with giving me the most self-confidence.

  19. Paola Norman

    2012-01-17 13:04:44 -0500

    What a little Angel, so sweet :)

  20. Flavia

    2012-01-17 18:26:33 -0500

    so cute! you have a super sweet daughter!

  21. Shannan

    2012-01-17 21:27:18 -0500

    Thanks for this - my five year old has been wanting to take ballet lessons for a while now and this finally spurred me into action! Perfect timing too because the school year starts here next month. The leotard is too cute!

  22. Melissa L

    2012-01-17 22:21:01 -0500

    So sweet! Enjoy this time. My dd still dances, but I miss when she wasn't in school all day and dance day was girls day. When she first started dance I could take pictures all the time. But, she would only dance here and there. She didnt like all the parents watching. Once on stage she went to town. I switched dance studios and we can no longer watch. Best thing I did for her.

  23. Creative Photo Albums

    2012-01-19 09:41:36 -0500

    Anna did have a lot of fun on her ballet class. About the brads, they are sooo pretty and stunning. Brads are great in papers. AThe one with the camera in it is just lovely.

  24. Tinka

    2012-01-19 14:56:13 -0500

    How precious! One of my great-aunts started ballet lessons when she was a young child in the 1920s and continued with them until she was well into her 70s, just because she loved it so much.

  25. Heidi

    2012-01-19 17:51:58 -0500

    Cutest. Pictures. Ever! I cannot wait for my little Abby to be old enough to dance. She's just 8 months now but loves to rock back and forth and smile when she hears music. I can tell she's itching to be in the studio like Anna! So happy you saw Anna's calling and can be there for her to enjoy it with her!

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