A Day In The Life | The Documentation

Here's a look at some of the photos I captured yesterday during my Day In The Life:

A Day In The Life | Taking Care
A Day In The Life | Before Breakfast
A Day In The Life | Breakfast
A Day In The Life | Sending Off
A Day In The Life | Photographing
A Day In The Life | Working
A Day In The Life | Lily Sleeping
A Day In The Life | Washing
A Day In The Life | Homework
A Day In The Life | Ballet
A Day In The Life | Reading
A Day In The Life | A + G

It was a very normal, very ordinary day around here - exactly what I wanted to document.

And here's the photo collage I put together using my A Day In The Life Layered Template:

I'm going to slip this into an 8.5x11 page protector and add it to Project Life for this week along with my Daily Sheets:


You’re invited to include a link to your Day In The Life Documentation here. Please link directly to your post vs. your general blog link.

78 thoughts

  1. amy tangerine

    2012-02-10 14:38:23 -0500

    thanks for always being so inspiring!

  2. Robyn Meierotto

    2012-02-10 15:08:10 -0500

    ali... love the photos & enjoyed playing along too. I sent all my photos off to postal pix & am thinking a mini will be in order! btw.. love those kraft funday papers on your studio floor {wink wink}

  3. Katya

    2012-02-10 15:23:22 -0500

    Very beautiful photo! Inspiring! What kind of camera? Remote?

  4. Laura

    2012-02-10 16:01:48 -0500

    Under the category of totally-none-of-my-business, but caring about your well-being, I hope you just forgot to write down the rest of what you ate? Coffee, chips and salsa, and nothing for dinner? Assuming you just got busy and didn't write it down. . . Forgive my "nosiness" -- and happy weekend. ~ Laura

  5. Queen Mary

    2012-02-10 17:20:08 -0500

    Anna has fantastic dance posture! She should consider Irish dancing! :)

  6. Monica

    2012-02-10 18:03:59 -0500

    Ali, for some reason the first time I tried to submit it didn't work so I resubmitted it. Could you please delete #51 link. Thanks!

  7. Judy @ cute and useful

    2012-02-10 18:08:15 -0500

    Well. This is amazing. You took more great photos in one "ordinary" day than I do in a month. I am so glad I've found this beautiful blog!

    My blog is 2-months new, but I made some cute conversation hearts repeating pattern paper today. It's free, so feel free :) to come and get it!

    cute repeating conversation hearts paper

  8. dawn

    2012-02-10 18:33:44 -0500

    Happy Birthday Anna, hope your having a fun day and thru the weekend. LOVE AND HUGS FOR ALL OF YOU ALI!!

    My computer broke down yesterday so sneaking on the library computer. Can't wait to see pictures of your new 3 year old and her party. Hugs and prayers for you!!
    love, dawn

  9. Jen D

    2012-02-12 12:29:51 -0500

    Decided to do this on Friday as I was out of town for work on Wednesday. So happy you reminded me that there is never a perfect day- I almost stopped since my daughter was home sick that day, but then decided just to go with it. It was one of those don't leave the house lots of kids bored & sick kind of days, and I love that it's now documented. Using your new template and my handwritten notes made it super easy. Threw it in my project life binder, and so happy I did. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. Angela

    2012-02-12 23:10:00 -0500

    I just became a new mom 3 weeks ago and it seems that everyone's advice is the same: enjoy these special days of a tiny precious newborn because it goes so lightning fast! Although I can barely get myself fed and showered in these crazy overwhelming first weeks, I was excited to attempt to document a day in me and my baby's new life together (lots of breastfeeding!) Thanks so much for the inspiration, Ali. I think my photos and words of this ordinary day in my new life will be so special to look back on in the future! I was contemplating doing something like this and this prompt was the perfect motivation and timing that I needed as well! Thanks again, as always, for the inspiration!

  11. liz

    2012-02-13 13:50:53 -0500

    LOVE this so so much Ali, especially all of self timed/remote shots! Hopefully I can do this once my camera is fixed (feels so weird to be without a DSLR!).

  12. liz

    2012-02-13 13:53:16 -0500

    What size monitor do you have, btw? Can't decide if I should get the 21 or the 27 inch. The 27 inch seems like overkill, but then probably thought the same thing about the 21 inch a few years ago and now it just seems like the normal size.

  13. Creative Photo Albums

    2012-02-13 23:31:45 -0500

    Looking at the pictures made me smile. Sometimes people neglect the joy of performing daily tasks. For parents nothing gives greater happiness than seeing your children. They don't need to do something extraordinary.Just being themselves in an ordinary is a perfect theme and subject of a great compilation. Enjoy life as they say. You have a great family Ali.

    Annabella Merlin

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  18. Imelda Sarmiento

    2012-03-01 22:15:29 -0500

    Hi Miss Ali... I just want to ask what camera and lens are you using?..I really love your photos!

  19. Imelda

    2012-03-04 18:59:03 -0500

    Hi Miss Ali.. Thank you for your reply..I wasn't expecting that you will reply at once because I know you are a busy person.Thanks for the info about your camera :-) by the way, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing things in your blog,this gives inspiration to me especially..I followed your blog for years, since I guess, when Simon was still small, I have a daughter ( only child, 9yo.. i guess, same age as Simon).. I did some scrapbooking when I was still in the Philippines,materials there was so expensive but still i made some pages for my daughter, I also made the life in a week..it was a good experience for me doing those kind of stuff..I did love doing them!... 3 years ago we moved here in Australia, during my 2nd year here I got sick, I had breast cancer..I was treated here and during those times, taking photos were one of the things that I'm doing, documenting everything and enjoying every moment that I'm having with my family and friends..( I was really inspired with your photos and capturing the moment and capturing life!)..Thank you Miss Ali for inspiring me :-) by the way,I followed you at FB...just in case you want to have a glympse of my pictures( so I will not be stranger or some sort.)Thank you very much - Imelda Pascual Sarmiento

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  24. catchingcodyk

    2015-05-03 06:29:40 -0400

    I can't wait to document my day more. I will be joining for the frist time this month.

  25. catchingcodyk

    2015-05-03 06:29:40 -0400

    I can't wait to document my day more. I will be joining for the frist time this month.

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