Celebrating Three

Dear Anna,

This past week you turned three years old.

That smile in the photo above says it all.

Here's a bit about you right now:

You love tomatoes.

You love barbies - specifically Disney princess Barbies.

You love dressing up like the princesses.

You love pink & purple and sparkles and lipstick and nail polish.

You love your parents, cousins, aunts & uncles, Grandmas & Grandpas and Katie and Kim and Emma.

You love your brother, big time.

You love to sing, songs you've heard and songs you make up.

You love your school and your teacher reports that you are a little ray of sunshine.

You love chicken noodle soup (especially the noodles).

You still love apple juice best, with lemonade a close second.

You love your ballet & tap class.

And we love you so, so much.

Love Mom

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