Project Life 2012 | Week Five

Welcome to Project Life 2012 | Week Five.

Feels like the beginning of last week (and being away from home at CHA) was a really long time ago. The transition home after being away for a few days, especially for a work-related event, can be tough. It felt tough for me last week.

But by Friday I was starting to feel back in my groove. And I'm feeling thankful I don't have any travel plans until Spring Break (which is going to be an awesome surprise for a couple kids I know).

This week I used up a couple more of those 2Day Hooray Fabric Swatches from Ormolu. I need to add them to my list to re-order.

A new thing I added into my collection of supplies this week are these great little Ruled Index Cards from Oxford. They are 3 inches x 2.5 inches which feels like the perfect size for adding a bit of journaling to a photo. I cut one in half, rounded two corners with the Corner Chomper (what I use to round my photo corners), and stapled to a couple photos.

That photo on the bottom right is a favorite this week. Anna's on the floor and Simon's reading in his bed a few minutes before lights out. Anna wanted to check out his book selection before making her way back to her bedroom. I was standing outside the door looking in and I took about five shots, some of her standing at the bookshelf and others of her sitting back down to look at the books. My camera was set to about 1200 ISO (if I remember correctly).

The insert this week includes a drawing from Anna that looks more like writing than other drawing she's been doing. I love that. I also love that her teacher's ask her about her drawings and paintings and add that onto the work as well. I've got a bunch of paintings of hers that say, "Mommy and Daddy jumping on the couch."

The page protector was originally an 8.5x11 from American Crafts. I slipped Anna's drawing inside, stitched along the side, and then used my trimmer to remove the excess.

On the top left photo of Anna I added a strip of KI Memories Hot Date Tape (love it). It's a great way to get the look of text on a photo without messing with Photoshop. The Sunday card is from Elle's Studio.

Katie did that great "She/He" card paired with the two Instax photos.

I feel like I'm writing more this year. Not sure that I really am, it might just feel that way at this point in time. I did like using one of the fold-out journaling cards from the Clementine kit to include more story about Friday and Saturday.

SUPPLIES | 2012 | WEEK 5

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Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life (including all the spreads from my completed 2011 album) here.

18 thoughts

  1. dawn

    2012-02-07 06:12:27 -0500

    I am loving how many different ways you journal in your PL, they are all fun!!

    Great job on getting that picture of Anna in Simon's room, thank you for telling us the story on that one.

    Always love it when Katie adds to the album, this was a cute he/she example.

    Thanks always for sharing and inspiring us!!

    p.s. the kids are going to very excited about Spring Break!!

  2. libby gordon

    2012-02-07 06:54:40 -0500

    I liked your Instax shot-I like the look but not buying yet another camera:). Is there anyone out there that will print them to look like the old poloroids? I did find some good places for instagrams and have fallen in love with postal pix on my iphone.
    Have a great week and happy birthday to Miss Anna this week-3 is exciting!

  3. Paula G

    2012-02-07 10:27:51 -0500

    Thanks for sharing a busy but memorable week!

  4. kristina

    2012-02-07 10:30:32 -0500

    LOVE your pages, Ali! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  5. Mrs. V

    2012-02-07 10:42:00 -0500

    There's so much I love about this week's (and every week). I can't wait to incorporate in the He/She card idea. I also love the stack of library book spines.

    Yesterday I just ordered some 8.5x11 page protectors, a corner chomper (I had a different type of corner tool, and I think the corner chomper will work even better), some of the c-line adhesive cards, and a tiny attacher. I am excited to start including some inserts into my weeks.

    You have also helped me realize to not get hung up on "wasting" supplies. For example, it was hard for me to consider printing something on 8.5x11 that did not utilize the whole space or to cut a protector, but you're helping me get over that! I am excited to explore!

  6. Jessica B

    2012-02-07 10:55:12 -0500

    Tuesday's are fastly becoming my favorite day of the week so I can read everyone's posts on PL.

    Quick question- Are sharpies acid free/archival safe? I noticed you use them a lot and just wondered how they would hold up for the long term.

  7. Ellie A.

    2012-02-07 11:58:24 -0500

    I also feel myself writing more because of all the cute journal cards becoming available as well more choices when it comes to page protectors (or that I am noticing them more) Another fun week! Looking forward to tomorrow & documenting the whole day. They said its suppose to be rainy but I will be making the best of it.:)

  8. KSW

    2012-02-07 13:20:14 -0500

    Thank you for posting these, Ali. My favorite shot is the evening shot of A. Well worth getting the settings right on that one. (Well, and seeing your smile, too!)

  9. christy a

    2012-02-07 14:51:46 -0500

    Love the "she and he" journal card! Great idea!!

  10. Chris

    2012-02-07 14:52:02 -0500

    I just love, love, LOVE your Project Life, SOOOO much. I'm thinking even more than last year. Or maybe I'm paying that much more attention this year since *so many* people are doing it that I keep comparing all of the little things.

    And it makes me want to do it, another project that I never really wanted, but now, NOW, I'm feeling inspired to.

  11. Brooke

    2012-02-07 18:23:08 -0500

    Love that Anna's writing of her name is shorter than Simon's. A good observation?!

    Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  12. Christine

    2012-02-07 23:09:46 -0500

    Love this week's layout. I especially love those little ruled cards. I found some at Office Depot.
    Love Anna's writing. Those kinds of things are priceless. My girls are grown now but I saved some of their art and writing samples from when they were Anna's age.
    As I teacher, I look forward to seeing more of Anna's writing as she progresses through the stages. Very cool.

  13. Megan Anderson

    2012-02-07 23:24:16 -0500

    Loving this! I'm especially a fan of Anna's "handwriting". It's cool that her teachers write captions - I make sure to do that with my daughter's drawings as well. I love the stories behind her art.

  14. mel

    2012-02-08 04:31:00 -0500

    Another amazing week.

    Over in the UK we are still not able to get the whole kits grrr, I have managed to order the page protecotrs but the core kit isn't available till May!!

    Anyway in the spirit of getting on with it instead of moaning.... I'm going to make my own 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 cards. I don't have to have the kit do I?

    Thanks for keeping this project fresh and inspiring.

  15. Anne-Marie

    2012-02-08 07:51:47 -0500

    Hey! I love that you include the supplies you used! I just ordered a few things from ormolu. They have such cool products I never would have found without you. Love it.

  16. patty

    2012-02-08 08:44:51 -0500

    your pages are SO inspiring...
    WHY haven't i started my pRoject life yet? i ordered and have most of the supplies!!! arggghhhh...

  17. sansku

    2012-02-08 14:11:11 -0500

    hi ali! :)
    love your project life pages! i'm finally jumping in the project life wagon as well. i made some free project life printables. i'd be so excited if i saw any of my tags on your pages. here's the link:
    you really are my favorite scrapbooker. thanks for all the inspiration!

  18. Bonney

    2012-02-10 15:21:23 -0500

    Ali, it's a treat to watch each week unfold. I decided in December to purchase a Project Life kit after seeing your 2011 work. Unfortunately, the various page protectors are not available, and I'm feeling way behind before I even started! I've been taking photos and keeping notes of what happens each week. Any ideas on what else to do in the meantime? Thanks!

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