Special Weekday Giveaway | Happy Little Moments Workshop

GIVEAWAY | One person will receive a class kit and a spot in Maggie Holmes' upcoming Happy Little Moments class at Studio Calico.

Join Maggie Holmes in the Studio Calico Classroom March self-paced class Happy Little Moments. Life is full of happy little moments that we often don't scrapbook. This altered book is the perfect place to tuck them in along with a few sentiments and beautiful hand picked embellishments.

Maggie will walk you through the creation process and show you some fun techniques for making a magical and unique album.

The Happy Little Moments Class Kits are available right now in the Shop - SOLD OUT. You can also follow along with the PDF using a hardcover book, patterned paper, and your favorite embellishments.

TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway please leave a comment below sharing one of your own happy little moments from today (if you are reading this post on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments will be closed at 8pm Pacific TODAY. The winners will be posted shortly after. Please be sure to check back or subscribe (click here to get posts delivered to your email box) to see if you are receiving one of the items this week.

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  1. Laura BC

    2012-02-21 22:03:25 -0500

    My daughter running to greet me at the end of the day excitedly yelling MoM!

  2. Caroline

    2012-02-21 22:05:57 -0500

    Happy Little Moment was making heart-shaped pancakes and a little love note for hubby before I left for work early this morn. :)

  3. Jen

    2012-02-21 22:07:30 -0500

    Love your give aways. Hooray for a weekday give away.

  4. Jen

    2012-02-21 22:08:24 -0500

    Oh darn, forgot to mention the happy little moment...

    Discovering that my Project Life plastics were sent out yesterday and are on their way to my house.

  5. Christine

    2012-02-21 22:12:19 -0500

    Packing my suitcase for a fun-getaway-from-the-rain trip to California.

  6. Linda R

    2012-02-21 22:14:20 -0500

    I heard my furbaby barking as I pulled in the garage after work. I knew her little tail would be wagging furiously - mommie's home!

  7. Brenda Lubrant

    2012-02-21 22:16:16 -0500

    My happy little moment today was when I was shopping at Hobby Lobby and looking at some new craft items and buy a pack of new My Mind's Eye paper.

  8. Kelly Rodgers

    2012-02-21 22:23:17 -0500

    My happy moment today was when I weighed in today and had lost 1.6kg. Long way to go but it was still a loss.

  9. Stacy Simpson

    2012-02-21 22:24:48 -0500

    Watching my husband play basketball with our son.

  10. Crystal

    2012-02-21 22:31:13 -0500

    A new tshirt on sale for $6.94 at the grocery/department store! Thanks for sharing - I would love to capture some everyday moments this way.

  11. Rosalie

    2012-02-21 22:33:47 -0500

    This is so cute! The basketball team that I work for won their game this evening.

  12. Katie C

    2012-02-21 22:34:25 -0500

    Happy moment for today...attending my 2nd graders parent/teacher conference. :)

  13. Amy P.

    2012-02-21 22:34:30 -0500

    A happy little moment today......when my 4 yr old brought a jelly belly tin over to me and opened it up....he said, "Will you marry me?" inside were 2 legos! All I could do was, smile, laugh and hug him! So cute!!

  14. christine

    2012-02-21 22:37:16 -0500

    My teenager agreeing to a haircut today. He has eyes and ears now. It's so nice to see them.

  15. Priya

    2012-02-21 22:38:33 -0500

    Having a new friend ask me to join her for a girl's night! Plus my hubby sending me a text mid day saying he missed me!

  16. Yvonne

    2012-02-21 22:43:31 -0500

    My happy moment was when my little boy, who is sick with a cold, asked for one thing and one thing only: For mommy to snuggle with him. Awww!!

  17. Mary in IL

    2012-02-21 22:44:42 -0500

    would love to win

  18. Kelly_S_

    2012-02-21 22:44:42 -0500

    Reading bedtime books with my two beautiful little girls.

  19. Jill

    2012-02-21 22:45:09 -0500

    My happy moment today was a visit from my dad...life is good.

  20. Arlene

    2012-02-21 22:47:00 -0500

    My happy little moment of the day.......waxing snowboards with my other half in preparation for a trip out West next week. The funny part....we now smell like grape juice (the wax was purple with a grape smell). :-)

  21. Lois

    2012-02-21 22:49:22 -0500

    Happy little moment - watching Ellen's generosity on TV.

  22. Amanda

    2012-02-21 22:52:00 -0500

    baby boy snuggles whilst cuddling with my daughter. . .just pure bliss

  23. Althea

    2012-02-21 22:58:16 -0500


  24. Lisa Coram

    2012-02-21 23:02:44 -0500

    Thanks Ali for this opportunity. After a full day of work and a gym work out afterwards, being able to have a few quiet moments to catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs.

  25. Simply Sonya

    2012-02-21 23:07:36 -0500

    My happy moment is knowing that im blessed to be carrying life once again.

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