Weekly Dinner Menu Planner PDF

One of the things I'm working on around here is getting into a consistent meal planning routine.

I've made attempts in the past and it's ebbed and waned. I'm feeling ready to put forth some real effort once again - not only in the actual act of meal planning but in the ritual of sitting at the table together.

For meal ideas I've been loving Pinterest (here's a look at the recipes I've pinned), Melanie's Menu Plan Mondays, or just asking what people are cooking for dinner on Twitter. I'm also loving re-reading (and trying recipes) from The Family Dinner: Great Ways To Connect With Your Kids One Meal At A Time.

I actually made this PDF dinner menu planner awhile ago and then could not for the life of me find it on my computer again. Well, I found it on Monday and I was so happy because it's just what I needed to get going.

For our family the planning I mainly need to do is for dinner during the week. Along the bottom I included space for planning meals on the weekend as well. For me the weekends have become a time to plan for the upcoming week, make something ahead if possible, etc.

I also included a little note about "new food" for Simon. He has a bit of a block (okay, more than "a bit") against anything "new." He calls just about anything "new" when it's not a part of his list of "preferred" foods. Having a "new" section helps me highlight what is really new and helps me to be able to visually show him that I don't actually give him new foods every single day.

Download the Weekly Dinner Menu Planner here.

Here's to hoping this will help some of you as well.

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