Thoughts On Documenting Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner. Some of you may have had it already and others have to wait a few more weeks.

Have you thought about how you want to document your adventures? You don't have to be going anywhere special to do some documentation over the course of the week.

We are going to be traveling so I'm thinking about what's going to make sense for our situation this year.

Here's some of the things I'm considering:

1. SCRAPBOOK ON THE ROAD | This has been one of my favorite ways to document travel in the past. Think a small journal, glue stick or other adhesive, and on-the-go documentation. I've found I'm most successful with this when on solo (without kids) trips but love the idea of including them or giving them their own journal for writing and gluing as we go. I think I might try that this time regardless of what I end up doing overall. Simon is really into Diary Of A Wimpy Kid again and is asking for a new journal so I might be able to encourage him to document in more than one way (so cool).

If you're interested in learning more about this concept I've got a great Scrapbook On The Road self-paced workshop for just $14 that you can read more about here.

Maybe something like these mini-books from Amy Tangerine? Cute and ready to go - I've got a couple of these here and they look great with Instax photos.

2. PROJECT LIFE | A couple options with this one. My sister is doing Project Life and I think she's going to bring some page protectors along with her. I could do that too or just bring along an envelope and stuff paper stuff in there over the course of our adventure (that's what I did last year). When I get home I could print out my favorite photos, most likely include an insert or two and call it good. I could journal on a Word document or in a notebook along the way.

Here's a cool video from someone who incorporated a trip to Disney in her Project Life album.

3. 8.5x11 ALBUM | This one I'd put together when we get home. This is what I did for our Disney trip back in 2006. This is what I plan to do with our Italy photos from 2010. It's also what I've used for my Week In The Life album for the last number of years. One thing I like about this approach is that the stories tend to be more thought-out with the perspective of looking back on the adventure (vs. in the moment journaling). As I type this I think my ideal is a combination of the two - something that includes those in-the-moment pieces of the adventure and the over-arching perspective stories.

4. DIGITAL PHOTO BOOK | Loved seeing this example from Julie of how she used my Story Of Today layered template set (it's great for Week In The Life too). I've never tried doing a digital book on the road but might be something to try and see if I could make it work with our trip. Not that it has to be done while we are experiencing it, but I know I at least want to get a bit of documentation down while traveling (all that "in the moment" stuff). Above is an example of a summer memory book I did a few summers ago that included a trip to Chicago using my Today You layered template photobook set.

5. VIDEO | I was chatting with Amanda the other day and she brought up this idea. Definitely thinking about some ways to incorporate video as well. Even one video a day asking the kids what their favorite thing was each day and burning those to a DVD to be included in the album. I also saw a link on Two Peas last week about using QR codes in your scrapbooks (to link to videos) and then found a tutorial by that same person here. I'm interested in investigating that more. Jenny had a great post about the topic of QR codes last week too.

6. ALL INSTAGRAM ALBUM | I was super inspired when I saw Elise's Blurb book last week that showcases all the photos she took and ran through Instagram during her husband's deployment. I especially loved how she want back through the book after she got it and hand-wrote things she wanted to remember. I think this would work really well as a vacation album.

7. JUST GO AND HAVE FUN AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT | I think a bit about just going and experiencing without documenting (not sure if it's really a fantasy or a nightmare). Or at least without having a plan in advance. There's something really great about just taking photos and having fun and not having to think about writing anything down or remembering to do it after an exhausting day of fun. That said, I so know and value and treasure those in-the-moment memories. Obviously, right?

I'll be thinking more about all these options this week as I get ready for our trip.

Do you have a favorite way to document Spring Break or your own adventures?

JUST A NOTE #1 | I actually have a couple past Spring Break's I haven't documented yet either and have them on my list to go back and make something with the photos and content. Always lots of projects on my list - anyone else know anything about that? No guilt about it - it's really just a time and focus issue.

JUST A NOTE #2 | Next week I'll be celebrating Spring Break with my kids and will have a bunch of great guest bloggers to educate and inspire you.

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