You Better Believe

The other night Simon asked me for a pen and some paper.

This is what he drew.

Not tracing.

Looking at a picture and then drawing it.

You better believe there was a whole lot of "Simon, that is so awesome."

I think someone might need his own sketchbook.

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  1. Jill T.

    2012-03-21 20:12:24 -0400

    So awesome! Go Simon!!!!

  2. Julie McD

    2012-03-21 20:40:30 -0400

    WAY COOL! Awesome job, Simon!

  3. Susan

    2012-03-21 21:39:52 -0400

    Stop motion photos last week, drawing this week. You may have a budding cartoonist on your hands! WTG Simon!

  4. Jane T

    2012-03-21 23:25:25 -0400

    How awesome is that? WOW Simon! You rock!!!

  5. Lisa

    2012-03-22 00:13:37 -0400

    Moleskine makes a Lego sketchbook now. Seems made for Simon!

  6. Val'ee

    2012-03-22 00:20:51 -0400

    Way to neat. Go, Simon!

  7. Lexi

    2012-03-22 00:36:28 -0400

    Go, Simon! Go! You rock! What an artist!!!

  8. Sue W

    2012-03-22 05:07:13 -0400

    oh wow!!! how wonderfully absolutely awesome Simon!!!

  9. Suzie

    2012-03-22 06:20:20 -0400

    How awesome! Next he'll be drawing characters from books without pictures, or just creating for fun.

  10. Mamasue123

    2012-03-22 12:35:16 -0400

    Awesome job there Mr.Simon!! It is so cool as a parent to watch your child's gift become apparent. My girl is 14, has loved drawing forever and is finally feeling the good vibes from teachers and Fellow students when she has finished a project. Seems to mean more coming from them. Maybe because I frame so many here at home to show off!! I can't draw for the life of me... Oh except flowers.. I can draw a mean daisy!! Lol! Keep up the great work Simon!!

  11. Yolanda

    2012-03-22 13:48:06 -0400

    Oh Simon.. That drawing is SO awesome. Keep going!

  12. Erica Hettwer

    2012-03-22 15:12:09 -0400

    Squeeeee!!! That is such an awesome feeling!

    My little guy suffered an anoxic brain injury a year ago and as we don't know how long he was without oxygen we don't know if/how it affected his brain. So, whenever my little preschooler does stuff like spell out MOVEE TR (movie theater) all on his own, I get that same feeling of joy tinged with hope and relief that I imagine you are feeling right now. :)

  13. Brooke

    2012-03-22 17:29:42 -0400

    Fantastic. The ability to draw is a skill I really admire!

  14. cheiron

    2012-03-22 20:02:31 -0400

    FABULOUS drawings Simon!

  15. Alida

    2012-03-23 02:25:08 -0400

    Now that's talent! I also got my son the Dairy of a Wimpy kid DIY book, thanks to your previous blogging on it, and he loves it.

  16. Kara

    2012-03-23 06:54:53 -0400

    Fantastic drawings Simon!!

  17. Amber L.

    2012-03-24 15:57:29 -0400

    Simon's drawings are really good. So cool!!!

  18. Kimberlee

    2012-03-24 17:18:55 -0400

    Such a talent!!! That is so cool. :)

  19. Laura T.

    2012-03-24 23:24:31 -0400

    Funny - my son has been drawing all the characters too lately.

  20. Sandra

    2012-03-25 12:21:38 -0400

    Another Artist in the Family. VERY COOL.

  21. heather

    2012-03-25 19:45:17 -0400

    Is this a spectrum trait my son does this non stop all day with Phineas and Ferb but I love this one may have him make one for me!!

  22. Mike Freeman

    2012-03-30 11:16:19 -0400

    Ali - woa. that's impressive. Isn't it interesting ... what skills 'creep out' of our kids at unexpected moments.


  23. Heidi (Stationery Scoop)

    2012-04-06 17:17:41 -0400

    Cool! Great job!

  24. arlenr david

    2012-04-06 20:15:28 -0400

    happy for your son he is starting to be an artist at an early age :-)

  25. Hope

    2012-05-08 10:34:22 -0400

    I see this going on a layout...."Diary of a TALENTED Kid!" This is incredible! Very good Simon! You are an artist like your mom!

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