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The Pulse Of Mixed Media

Today I'm participating in a blog book tour for Seth Apter's new book: The Pulse Of Mixed Media: Secrets And Passions of 100 Artists Revealed.

From the intro:

“This book is not your typical how-to guide. Instead, you will be taken on a journey deep within the soul of the artist. Imagine you have been invited to have an intimate discussion with all of your favorite artists; a one-on-one show-and-tell. You can ask them anything, no holds barred. You can learn their secrets, feel their passions, and experience their vulnerability. You can hear firsthand the personal stories behind their artwork. This is what you will find in the pages of this book.”

A couple initial thoughts on this book:

1. I like that there’s “meat” to it – and by meat I mean words and not just cool stuff to view (there’s definitely that too). This is a book that inspires your mind and gets you thinking and most likely will then get you to creating.

2. I like that Seth includes a variety of mixed media artists, a good combination of people who I was familiar with and who were totally new to me. I jumped online while reading to check out a few blogs and websites to learn more.

3. Reading the responses by the artists to Seth’s questions was definitely my favorite part. Loved this one (I feel I can read these now and come back to them again and see something totally different and inspiring):

Mixed media is the kind of stuff I’d like to do more of when I have a chance. For all my clean-lined scrapbook layouts, I love the immersion in paint and texture and layers. I love getting lost in it and I don’t give myself the chance to do it nearly enough. With all the changes in my life I’m hoping to create a space for this kind of play and exploration.

Seth’s book is just the kind of jump-start I need to remind me that everyone begins somewhere and we all come to the creative table with our own hesitations, fears and abilities. Thanks Seth!

As part of the blog tour Seth asked us each to answer three questions from the list he asked of contributors to the book:

ONE | What is your secret dream as an artist?

My current secret dream is to create some mixed-media canvases and have a local show.

TWO | How has the Internet changed your artistic practice?

For me the internet has really been a place of education and possibility and growth. It has opened doors, shown me new ways of creating, and introduced me to the work of people I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise. It’s so much a part of my life – for better or worse.

THREE | Do you enjoy working more intuitively or by carefully thinking through your process?

Both, definitely a mix of both for me.

When I think a little longer about it, much of what I do is intuitive. I like getting lost in the process, even if it’s a fairly streamlined and structured and thoughtful process (and maybe that’s just because I favor grids and geometry). I find once I start (a layout or a mixed media canvas) a part of me takes over and makes things happen, a little like I’m on auto-pilot. I like being in that intuitive flow. It doesn’t mean I don’t mess up or make mistakes or that everything comes out perfect – all of those things happen. But it’s different than other work I do – and boy do I love being in that state.

Other times my process is more carefully thought out. Creating classes, writing, editing – those tasks are often more rigid and I don’t experience the same kind of “zone” as I do when I’m in the process of creating a layout or a canvas.

Here's a list of all the people participating in Seth's blog tour:

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