Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday Words + Photos

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

NUMBER OF PHOTOS FOR TUESDAY | around 80 (only a couple on my iphone)

A couple things:

This is not a competition. It's not about the number of photos. It's not about how much you write or don't write. It's about capturing and celebrating the details of your own life - for yourself, for your family, etc.

I didn't feel like writing much today. I want you to remember, and I keep reminding myself, that this project can be what you want it to be. It can evolve and morph over the course of the week as you find your own rhythm and routine.

Today I thought a lot about creating a sustainable pace. In between dealing with some Simon stuff and some mortgage refinance stuff and some health insurance stuff and some work stuff, I thought about composition. I really took intentional photos today - not photos of everything that was happening (skipped a couple big things like needing to go to Simon's school for an impromptu meeting in the middle of the day) - but photos that represented the flow and rhythm of the day.

Here's a look at some of my Tuesday photos:

Week In The Life | Monday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Saying goodbye.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Saying hello.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Saying goodbye.

IMG_2184Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Making coffee.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Eating and working.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Jumping for joy.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

And again.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

No thanking.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Breathing deep.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Feeling thankful.

Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday


Week In The Life 2012 | Tuesday

Finishing up the day.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.


I'd love to have you include a link to your TUESDAY words and photos here. Please link directly to your post vs. your general blog link. Thank you!

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77 thoughts

  1. Karin Podolski

    2012-04-25 13:14:30 -0400

    Thanks for your encouraging words. You are right, this is not a competition! :)

  2. Julie McD

    2012-04-25 13:33:46 -0400

    I just have to say that I love how adorable Simon looks in the first photo 'expressing' with his hand. So love the fact that he has his little legs wrapped around the little wooden chair and onto the ottoman. Too wonderful!

  3. Tara

    2012-04-25 14:07:19 -0400

    Hi Ali...I just love everything you do and WITL is no exception. I am beginning my week tomorrow better late than never. I noticed in the pic with Katie and Anna that she uses a 60D was that your influence? Im looking to upgrade what is on your list for your next camera?

    Thank you so much for all you do


  4. Tara

    2012-04-25 14:36:46 -0400

    Hi ALi....love everything you do!!! I was wondering about the picture with Katie I see she has a 60d was that your suggestion or is she into photography too? I am looking to upgrade and was wondering what your are looking to get next if you even are looking? Thanks for everything you share. Hope Anna is better soon.


  5. Megan Smith

    2012-04-25 14:37:09 -0400

    More wonderful photos! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. lyley

    2012-04-25 14:52:23 -0400

    Ali I just want to say that I admire you as a single mom-its a tough job.My mom was one to seven of us. When I see pics of Chris I wonder if he understands all he's missing out on-just like I wondered with my own dad.Keeping you in my prayers.

  7. Lindsan

    2012-04-25 14:55:09 -0400

    Oh gosh, what wonderful photos!

  8. cindy

    2012-04-25 14:56:39 -0400

    awww, the goodbye & hello pictures are just adorable & LOVE the hand Simon is giving, LOL. my girl just yells really loud to stop taking pictures & she's only 4...at least my boy is snapping some along w/ me. have a good day!!!

  9. mel

    2012-04-25 15:09:05 -0400

    Life is a funny old thing. Glad to be along for the ride.

  10. Christine

    2012-04-25 15:18:15 -0400

    I love the Simon shots and the words you chose for them. I laughed out loud at them!

  11. Birte

    2012-04-25 15:21:01 -0400

    I love you pics and the different perspectives. Great! How do you take pictures of yourself?

  12. laura b

    2012-04-25 15:32:58 -0400

    Thanks for the inspiration! This is my first year trying this project and I decided I wanted to focus on the writing, and including specific details that would be unique for right now. I tend to take photos daily and I thought it would be good for me to focus on the words instead. Then, I see all your great photos, and have a moment thinking "oh no, I should be taking more photos". But I calmed down and thought again about my decision to focus more on the words. and I feel okay. I'm so excited that I decided to just jump in and do WITL this year!

  13. Jenny Meyerson

    2012-04-25 17:11:41 -0400

    These pictures make me unbelievably happy. Hope Anna is feeling better. Happy Wednesday.

  14. aliza

    2012-04-25 17:12:28 -0400

    Love the photos of Simon. Awesome.

  15. Marilyn

    2012-04-25 17:58:41 -0400

    You are inviting me to look at my everyday boring life in a meaningful way. At 62 years old, children gone and living in foreign countries-i really have nothing to document. But Ali is showing me everything I do has meaning.

    My kids held up the hand throughout their adolescence and early adulthood. I had to pay them for the opportunity to take their photo!

  16. Monica L.

    2012-04-25 18:07:50 -0400

    Love all your pictures, especially the eating and working one LOL! I have a question: recently I bought one of those big cameras and I'm still learning how to use the speed and the aperture so I was wondering which lens or what speed/aperture did you use to capture Ana jumping her bed without looking blurry or showing motion blurry? Thanks!!!

  17. Stacy

    2012-04-25 19:51:41 -0400

    Some thoughts...I'm really enjoying a peek at your week. Love your kitchen chairs...Love that all 4 of you are in these pictures and hoping that hearts are healing.

  18. Kari

    2012-04-25 22:25:36 -0400

    Dude. Ali.
    First of all, thank you so much for the never ending inspiration
    Secondly, what in the world is that large three ring binder in your "working" picture after the "eating" picture??


  19. Suz

    2012-04-25 22:53:51 -0400

    Great captures and documentation Ali. So many wonderful, awesome captures. :)

  20. libby gordon

    2012-04-25 23:40:50 -0400

    I'm really enjoying looking at everyone's photos this week (Simon is cracking me up with the hand-my son will totally turn his head away from me). I'm not doing WITL this time around- PL is about all I can manage this year but it's cool to see so many different pictures.

  21. Sheila

    2012-04-25 23:53:10 -0400

    Your photos are truly inspiring! My six year old was in a grumpy mood and didn't want photos tonight - until I told him about Simon with his hand up. So he posed (with his hand up) and was suddenly in a much better mood.

  22. Steph

    2012-04-26 01:01:40 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    this is my third witl and I am loving it even more this time because I too am letting it grow into what it wants to be and what I need it to be. There have been some pearlas (Aussie expression for fantastic moments) that I have had the opportunity to record and some big things (like a trip to school during the holidays) that I have not taken photos of.
    Just love the slice of life that is set down on paper at the end. Thanks for your inspiration.

  23. Leonie

    2012-04-27 04:01:26 -0400

    love the photos. i love that it is ok to not be in all the photos and just photo things in real life

  24. Mary-Kay

    2012-04-28 09:23:26 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I'm wondering how you are using the timer on your camera and if it is on your DSLR or your iPhone. I don't understand how it stays in focus. I love that you are actually IN your photos as well.Can you explain your process?

    Thanks so much!

  25. Week In The Life | Ali Edwards

    2012-05-01 17:50:29 -0400

    [...] Tuesday Words + Photos [...]

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