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I am so happy that the weather has warmed up around here. I'm not holding my breath but the last week has just been awesome. Our local outdoor pool opened last weekend and we've already been twice. I love that they are open later into the evening. I took the kids over there last night after dinner and it's just such a great way for them to get some exercise before bed. My favorite thing was watching Simon swim on his back all the way down and back (50 yards) and watching the overall joy he gets from being in the water. It's so good for him and it makes me so happy.

I am putting energy into my yard. I'm learning about stuff like the sprinkler system and planting more peonies and a few tomatoes and just generally doing stuff out there - joyfully. I attended a fundraising breakfast for Habitat For Humanity yesterday and it was another reminder to me of how thankful I am for my home. Also really loved this post from Tara the other day about home and wants and perspective and attitude.

I am making time for books again. I'm just about done with The Buddha In The Attic. It's a quick read and the thing that really struck me right away is her writing style. It's the first book I've read that employs the technique of repeating the same first few words for each sentence in a paragraph (a favorite journaling technique of mine). She covers a wide range of experiences and emotions with that technique. One of the reviewers listed on Amazon called it an "incantatory style." I'm not sure it's as effective for an entire book - after awhile the repetition feels well, repetitive. I almost stopped reading it before finishing, but I'm determined to get to the end now. The Newlyweds and The Reinvention of Edison Thomas (recommended by Simon's developmental pediatrician) are up next.

I am thinking about a summer manifesto and looking at the calendar and figuring out the who, what, where, when and how of the next few months.

I am thinking a lot about my experience of writing my 31 stories for 31 Things. Rather than feeling burned out on writing I'm wanting to write more (there's lots of projects where I get to the end and feel like I'm so done...this one has been a different experience). I definitely feel done with the actual project but I want to take that level of writing into other projects. I'm excited for the class to begin and hope it's as meaningful for you as it's been for me. If you've registered the message boards are now open and you should receive your first prompt via email tomorrow. There's still time to sign up - registration closes on May 23.

I am thinking about unfinished projects and projects on my list and trying to figure out what travel album to tackle next.

I am really working on being present for Anna. I had one of those moments on Monday where she was looking at me and I was looking at her and we were engaged in a conversation about Bubble Guppies or Jake And The Neverland Pirates and in my mind I was thinking, "Anna, you are so awesome." And then by later in the evening when she was having a 5pm meltdown (I should have given her a bigger snack) and needed to take a break in her room I was calm enough to be thinking, "Anna, you are still so awesome. How can I be calm for you so you can learn to be calm too." Calm heart, calm mind, calm voice and a big deep breath.

I am in-progress with Project Life for last week and a video-overview of my Week In The Life album (a couple questions came up in the comments that I want to answer via video too).

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