Dear Anna

Dear Anna,

Just a little note to let you know how much I love you.

Here's a look at what's happening during the summer you were three:

  • You just started swimming lessons today (with Logan again) and the difference in interest is really big. Katie took you today and reported back that you loved it and had a really fun time and did a great job following directions. I saw Logan at the pool and he said you did too (even though it was a cooler cloudy day at an outdoor pool).

  • One of my favorite things about you at this point in time is your singing. You are making up songs left and right. I need to try to capture one as you are singing it (they change just about every time and are usually really funny and totally fed by whatever it is you are thinking about at the time).

  • You and Katie created a reward chart (Simon has one so you needed one too) and you've been really motivated to do some of your alphabet and number worksheets. Loved watching the two of you working together at the table yesterday.

  • It's still all about pink & purple.

  • Bedtime has been a bit of a challenge and with the summer here and later natural bedtimes it's shaking things up even more. Some bedtimes are really hard and others are smooth sailing - just trying to head in the direction of more smooth sailing evenings (I found this article helpful as I was working to get myself back on track: Bedtime Battles - How To Nip Them In The Bud.).

  • I love your silliness and giggles and all the life inside you.

  • You've been saying "I love you" a ton and also "you're the best."

  • I asked you what your favorite thing right now is and you said "berries" followed by "raspberries" and "blueberries."

I love you so much Anna,

Love Mom

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