DINNER A LOVE STORY | A new book I ordered recently that I've been enjoying - it's part memoir, part cookbook about life with kids and a love of food.

ANNA'S FACIAL EXPRESSIONS | Seriously, where does she come up with these things (need to get a good capture of it to share)? She's got a head-tilt/smile thing going on right now as she tells me certain things (telling me "how it is" of course) and I can't help but laugh and smile at her.

A LITTLE LOVE | Loving this new album called A Little Love from Renee & Jeremy. I especially love the covers of Give A Little Bit and New Soul.

SPROUTED KITCHEN | The photos alone on this blog make me want to eat more vegetables.

GOING TO THE POOL | Just not many things better. Simon complains a bit as we head out the door and as soon as we get there he grabs his swim trunks, heads to the locker room to change, comes back out and grabs his mask and he'll be occupied in the water for the next couple of hours. I so love watching him in the pool.


RIGHT NOW | I'm really just embracing being alive - going through my days with the intention of being open, awake, and really living the length and the width.

Getting ready to head to the Your Story Retreat this week. Excited to reconnect with many of the same women from last year and meet the new participants as well.

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