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One of the biggest things I've learned over the past year is a very deep understanding of the importance of friends.

This past weekend featured an adventure to Portland to get together with some of those good friends (many of which were attending or speaking at Chris Guilbeau's World Domination Summit).

There was lots of talking (and more talking), eating, getting together with other friends, and then we went paddle-boarding on Sunday morning in the Willamette River.

It was a refueling emotionally and creatively and physically (loved going paddle-boarding for the first time).

To top it off I got to reconnect with an old friend I haven't seen in years.

And I felt so darn happy all weekend long.

Here's to finding the fun parts of yourself again.

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  1. Kareen

    2012-07-09 15:03:06 -0400

    Oh I can relate!! I recently took a baking class and was totally happy about being around people who love to bake too. I plan on taking CE classes also. So Excited!!!

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  2. JavaJones

    2012-07-09 15:16:44 -0400

    Yay for you! Women friends are so important, they truly soothe the soul. So glad to see you thriving and come through a challenging time. You look happy and beautiful in these photos!

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  3. McAmy

    2012-07-09 16:37:08 -0400

    i just realized that 1st picture is a reflection in a baby mirror. awesome!

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  4. Cathy

    2012-07-09 17:09:52 -0400

    Glad to see you so happy. I treasure my time with girlfriends too. Love the Atlanta Braves hat (although I know the A is probably for Ali).

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  5. Lisa W.

    2012-07-09 17:13:35 -0400

    Nice...just very nice!!!

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  6. Alexandra

    2012-07-09 17:17:52 -0400

    yay!! so, so happy for you!!
    such a pleasure to watch you come alive in this next chapter of your life.

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  7. heidig

    2012-07-09 17:25:59 -0400

    So very, very happy for you!

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  8. Jenny M.

    2012-07-09 17:52:42 -0400

    I'm so excited to see you living with such a smile on your face. Loving watching you dream big and living out your adventures. And the paddle boarding is oh so going on my list.

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  9. Debbie S.

    2012-07-09 18:12:39 -0400

    Awesome!! You look fabulous, too... Good on ya trying paddle boarding!

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  10. Kim

    2012-07-09 21:48:37 -0400

    The conference sounds cool and you look really happy. What kinds of workshops do they do?

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  11. Juli F

    2012-07-09 22:01:35 -0400

    You look amazing in these pictures. Your love for your friends shines through in your photos. So glad you had an amazing weekend!

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  12. dawn

    2012-07-10 06:34:59 -0400

    So happy for you Ali, you look gorgeous and happy!!

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  13. Lana

    2012-07-10 08:46:50 -0400

    Ali, the joy on your face is priceless! You look like you are radiating happiness from within :)

    I can totally relate. I split up with my partner of 13 years two years ago, it made me realise that I had neglected my friendships. It has been really hard trying to reconnect with people and forge new friendships but when it happens, oh man, it's the best feeling!

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  14. Suz

    2012-07-10 13:17:11 -0400

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend Ali! So very happy for you. LAst year was indeed rough one. Glad to see you smiling and looking radiant!
    Take care you!

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  15. Gypsy Chaos

    2012-07-10 22:45:47 -0400

    You look years younger! I did a double take.

    It's amazing what time with friends doing fun things can do for a person.

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  16. Sue

    2012-07-11 08:52:49 -0400

    Looks like a great time! Friends are so important in our lives - I'm off to lunch with a good friend today.

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  17. Karla

    2012-07-11 11:21:00 -0400

    This warmed my heart for you and brought a smile to my face. There truly is nothing like experiencing a day (or days) of pure joy, when so many days have been dark. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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  18. dawn

    2012-07-11 11:27:58 -0400

    Hi Ali,

    I have lots of blog friends from all over the world and hope to be with them one day to meet and craft together. Friends are the best even when they aren't near by.

    Thought you might like my post today, it's about me and my friend from Australia and what we did together but from two countries to celebrate our friendship.

    I actually met her thru your blog and we've been friends for over a year now.

    Hope your day is a good one!


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  19. Kimberly K.

    2012-07-11 18:00:09 -0400

    Sounds like Stella may be getting her groove back! Keep moving forward. Always forward, never straight.

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  20. Alecia A.

    2012-07-11 23:20:54 -0400


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  21. Margalyn

    2012-07-13 00:27:23 -0400

    That black and white dress is adorable, you look great!

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  22. Beatrice

    2012-07-13 01:17:10 -0400

    You are beautiful, Ali. Really happy to see you finally smiling :) sending prayers for more happier days for you.

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  23. Paola Norman

    2012-07-15 12:46:47 -0400


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  24. Skye

    2012-07-17 09:37:14 -0400

    Friends are incredible. I'm so glad you got to have this fun weekend and I love what you said about rediscovering the fun parts of yourself. Nice to see you so happy (and you look pretty too!). :)

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  25. Bev Mascara

    2012-07-21 11:54:41 -0400

    Have a Blessed and Happy Day!

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