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Been seeing these online and was inspired to create my own. Been putting them up around town. Awesome kindness mission!

I'm on vacation this week and have invited some friends to share their voice here during my time away. Say hello to Kelly Rae Roberts:

Completely and totally inspired by this sign that I stumbled upon online, I decided to make some signs of my own - mine are a bit more artful/pretty but the original message is still so powerful just written on a piece of paper with a black pen, no?

My son and I had the best time making color copies at Kinko's and heading around town putting these up in cafes, grocery stores, and more. I have to say, this is the best way to lift a tough mood, get inspired, and spread some love. There's nothing more heartfully delightful then heading into a grocery store, tacking up this sign by the entrance, only walk out a few minutes later with many of the tabs pulled. LOVE!

I say we all make signs like these and put them up in our neighborhoods, playgrounds, gyms, by atm machines, and on and on. Wouldn't that be awesome? If you do it, be sure to share yours on your blog - let's start a revolution. Because, you know, kindness changes everything.

If you're not up for making your own sign, feel free to download the one above that I made. Just click here to download the pdf, then just hit print, and off you go!

ABOUT KELLY RAE ROBERTS | Kelly Rae is an artist, author, and possibilitarian. She lives in Portland, OR where she creates, loves, learns, and has recently taken up Zumba in an effort to finally lose her baby weight. She has a best selling book, and her artwork can be seen on home decor and gift products sold all around the world. To learn more about her, visit her website at

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