Lane County Fair In Photos 2012

This year I took the kids to the county fair on my own and it was awesome.

This year as I was taking photos I was thinking about relationships and light and color.

This year Anna was tall enough to get to ride all but one of the "kiddie" rides and she was so happy.

Except on this roller coaster. She was a little afraid and had the best faces as she was going around and around. They were a combination of fear and joy - I think she wasn't totally sure what to make of the whole thing.

This year Simon was super excited to ride this one on his own:


Lifting up.

Coming back down with his hair wind-blown and the biggest smile on his face.

And I can't pass by the photo booths.

The kids are willing participants in this activity and insist on each going in on their own.

Simon decided to do all the same face this year (and thought it was pretty funny that he didn't smile at all) and Anna had a fun little variety of expressions happening in her set. They chose color and I went with the black and white booth.

Check out my photos from past years at our local county fair:

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27 thoughts

  1. slmnontec

    2012-08-16 18:08:23 -0400

    I am impressed that you would take your SLR to the fair! It's so much to lug around on hot days and evenings. Good for you.

  2. dawn

    2012-08-16 19:05:45 -0400

    Love these pictures and all the different expressions on the kids faces. I agree with the above NO WAY will I be on those swings, WAY TO GO SIMON, YOU ARE SUPER COOL!! SO glad you all had fun. Cute collage of the photo booth pictures, how funny they are.

  3. Monica Blain

    2012-08-16 19:26:44 -0400

    aww I'm so sad I missed the Lane County Fair by ONE day! I was in Eugene for 3 weeks, but barely missed it. I have fond childhood memories there :)

  4. Rachel

    2012-08-16 19:29:13 -0400

    I love that Anna gave you a thumbs up on one of the rides. So cute!

  5. Tracy

    2012-08-16 23:07:55 -0400

    You look like your sister in the bottom photo!

  6. Sandra

    2012-08-16 23:24:28 -0400

    wish me luck. thanks for the chance ali !!!!!

  7. Ruth

    2012-08-16 23:32:27 -0400

    I love your longer hair, it looks great.

  8. Erica Hettwer

    2012-08-16 23:34:52 -0400

    Fun stuff! We hit the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo on Tuesday and are going again tomorrow. I get to present the rodeo announcer with the photo I took of him tomorrow during the rodeo. So, we'll be going again and this time, the kiddos want to go on the rides. I hope they have as good a time as your's did!

  9. Wendy

    2012-08-17 05:27:31 -0400

    Simon is BRAVE!! They are both getting so tall! Love the smiles!

  10. Celeste

    2012-08-17 07:39:06 -0400

    Thanks for sharing your fair experience!

  11. Laura BC

    2012-08-17 09:24:17 -0400

    Love that Simon goes on the rides with Anna. I can imagine some aren't do exciting for him - I'm hoping my oldest is as patient with her little sister this weekend. And I agree with the others - no way would you find me on the big swing!

  12. Jennifer

    2012-08-17 09:36:50 -0400

    Wow Ali, your fair photos are awesome! Can I ask what lens you are using? Your photos are always so great, I really want to work on improving my own. Thanks for sharing your great photos & inspiration here.

  13. Erica Thomas

    2012-08-17 10:00:15 -0400

    I love Anna's thumbs up in one of the pictures. So great!

  14. Cathy L.

    2012-08-17 10:18:26 -0400

    Love the pictures! Anna's face is too cute on the little roller-coaster! I have a great picture of my kids on a similar ride years ago, my son has his arm around my daughter in case she got scared.

  15. Carrie C

    2012-08-17 11:47:12 -0400

    Love that this is an annual tradition that you've documented across the years. And love that you had enough of an adventurous spirit to venture out with the kids on your own this year.

  16. money

    2012-08-17 13:02:05 -0400

    do we get a prize if we can guess ur new beau???

  17. stacy watson

    2012-08-17 13:45:01 -0400

    so happy Simon loves the rides. my boy wont go near them! ;)

  18. Roxane F.

    2012-08-17 15:36:02 -0400

    Love the pictures! Thanks for a chance to win!

  19. Bp

    2012-08-17 16:32:14 -0400

    Could you share what lens you are using in these photos. I noticed it in the photo booth pics and I'm shopping for a new lens. Thanks so much!

  20. Kathy

    2012-08-18 00:39:17 -0400

    I know what a big effort it is to do some of these activities on your own including having to take my 8.5 year old boy into the girls toilets with my 6 year old girl. I cannot let a young boy go into the public toilets by himself and that's just one of the things that happens when you are on your own (after marriage). Sometimes it's easier to give these things a miss however when you make the effort it's just lovely so I'm so glad you did and the kids had a great time by the look of your photos and from the sounds of things you did too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  21. Alida

    2012-08-18 12:40:17 -0400

    These photo's are so worth any effort, I'm sure. Precious keepsakes.

  22. Brooke

    2012-08-19 07:05:40 -0400

    Good on you for going by yourself. We just had our show (EKKA). I took my Mum for help for fear of loosing my 4 year old! I look forward to when my kids are old enough to go on rides together.

  23. HeatherOz

    2012-08-20 12:46:27 -0400

    OMWord! The thumbs-up is priceless!

  24. Carolyn

    2012-08-20 15:57:52 -0400

    I love that they ride the rides together. Hope they always enjoy their sibling bond. Love the photo booth photos, and I agree, that is a crazy high ride, way to go Simon!

  25. Charlene Austin

    2012-09-14 00:55:55 -0400

    OK, it's freaking me out a bit that the little baby girl you just had is 5 years old and in Kindergarten?? NO WAY....that cannot have happened because I am NOT willing to get older that fast!!!

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