Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty-Six

Welcome to Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty-Six.

Just a note that the new Project Life cardstock packs are now available in both 3x4 and 4x6. Check them out here.

Also, the Clementine edition core kit is back in stock. I've loved using it this year.

Here's a look at Week Thirty-Six:

Lots of letter stickers this week.

Love using them as titles on journal cards and on my photos. As you might notice many of them are stitched in place - just an extra little precaution to keep them in place.

"Labor Day" stickers are Studio Calico (I don't think they are available any more).

Lots about heading back to school this week. On the top right photo I used my Hello School brushes and added the word art directly to my photo in Photoshop. That set is also available as clear stamps: I Love School.

For the first half of the week I focused a bit on time - such as the time that I had both kids in their own beds.

This & That stamp paired with some chipboard letter stickers from American Crafts/Studio Calico.

For me Project Life isn't always just about Monday through Sunday. I look for stories to tell such as this one where I paired a photo from the morning with one from the afternoon, labeled with letter stickers. What stories can you tell within the course of the week?

Loved getting more words in again this week on journal cards.

New Daily Corrugated Ready Set Go Thicker Stickers (orange) on the football photo.

"Farm" is Grass Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Journal Foam Thickers Stickers.

Ready Set Go Date Stamp + Wood Veneer Banner = cool. The "read" tile letters are from American Crafts.

So totally loving this new date stamp from American Crafts & Amy Tangerine: Ready Set Go Date Stamp.

The "Loved" journal card is Time Flies Lil' Snippets The Sweet Life from Elle's Studio.

Life card is from my Real Life story card set from Technique Tuesday.

Pair a stamped sentiment (Photo Love Stamps using Black StazOn) with a phrase sticker (My Mind's Eye Wonderful Tangerine).

SUPPLIES | 2012 | WEEK 36

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Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life (including all the spreads from my completed 2011 album) here.

21 thoughts

  1. Fatima

    2012-09-14 14:13:22 -0400

    Look great, Ali! I love the way you stamp and write onto the photos. I'll have to remember that. :0)

  2. Megan Smith

    2012-09-14 14:52:37 -0400

    Another fabulous spread Ali! I am very excited to start PL for myself beginning of next year.

    Not so sure I love the Beavers-Badgers game photo though. :) My husband grew up in Wisconsin so we are still Big 10 (Wisconsin & Ohio State) fans, even though we live in Oregon now. That Wisconsin loss was a tough pill to swallow. But we do root for the Beavers and Ducks a lot too. Cute photo though!

  3. JenN

    2012-09-14 15:43:36 -0400

    Looks great!!

  4. Deb J

    2012-09-14 16:36:19 -0400

    I bought my Project Life pack for 2013 in Cherry this time. I already have them and so excited about it. I love how you do so many neat things with yours. I need to do better next year.

  5. Erin Taylor

    2012-09-14 17:06:34 -0400

    Fantastic layout, Ali! I really love your Story Cards... I ordered a set and I can't wait to get them!

    I noticed your new product, Life Adventures Album, in the Designer Digital store. Any chance you have a blog post w/ more info scheduled? I would love to see what a few completed pages look like, and what the other 10 pages "for spreads" looks like. I have a 12x12 photo book credit at Shutterfly, and this template set looks perfect!

    Thanks. :-)

  6. michelle

    2012-09-14 17:08:37 -0400

    Hi Alli, another great week captured. Love how easy you make it all look and it all flows together. After you pick your stories/photos for the weeks do you pick a the products you want to use, just go with it or do kinda a theme (like this week time?) Love that you included the 3pm meltdown, we all could you one every now an then! thanks for sharing. michelle

  7. Christine

    2012-09-14 18:49:40 -0400

    I had to smile and sigh when I saw the pic of Simon in your lap. My son is now 16 and 6 ft tall. He was always a lap kid. I remember the feeling when I realized he was getting too big to do that anymore. Legs and arms hanging all over the place. Love that pic.

  8. Alida

    2012-09-15 03:02:04 -0400

    When I discovered digital scrapbooking I thought I'll never buy letter stickers again, but now I'm wondering where I can find some! Love your use of numbers and letter stickers here.

  9. dawn

    2012-09-15 06:35:41 -0400

    What a great week of photos and words! Love all the added words/numbers/times makes it look so cool and tells more of a story. I didn't notice a first day photo of Anna though and thought you'd include the I WANT TO REMEMBER post in here too, really enjoyed reading it.

    Excited to see the new colored cards for PL, the colors are gorgeous! Thanks for inspiring again!!

  10. Ruth G

    2012-09-15 08:46:52 -0400

    I love how you include close-ups and good quality images to see (or the link to where to buy) if I click on your pictures. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate those things!

  11. shannon stout

    2012-09-15 08:52:35 -0400

    hi ali, i haven't done my project life since like February and the thought of trying to catch up overwhelms me. any suggestions?

  12. Penny

    2012-09-15 11:25:39 -0400

    Hi Ali, I just got my first sewing machine ever!! I'm curious what kind of needle you use to stitch on your project life cards. Is the standard needle that the machine comes with ok?

  13. Iska

    2012-09-15 11:52:23 -0400

    What a great way to start a Saturday. I'm dreaming of that December daily kit!

  14. Jeannine D

    2012-09-15 11:56:36 -0400

    Thanks for sharing - love your project life posts - very inspiring.

  15. RobynS

    2012-09-15 12:22:20 -0400

    Love seeing your progress in your book. As a UW Alumni it was good to see a picture from the game. (even if my team lost) Since moving to Savannah it has been a looong time since I have gone to a game. Also I wanted to ask what kind of adhesive you are using now? Some of my books from the past few years are starting to fall apart.

  16. Alexandra

    2012-09-16 14:39:13 -0400

    It's amazing to me that every week you knock it out of the park!! Seriously. I look at lots of different Project Life spreads and yours are always such a fabulous balance of words and photos, close-ups and distance shots, colours and textures. Love what you do so, so much.

  17. Cele Schaffer

    2012-09-16 16:44:19 -0400

    Love your Project Life albums-always get excited to see a new entry. I was wondering what adhesive you use to attach an embellishment,like a button or wooden shape,to the outside of the page protector? Thanks. I just don't want them to fall off in the coming years.

  18. Marie

    2012-09-19 07:45:50 -0400

    Great layout, as usual! I'm a real fan of your titles with letter stickers on your journaling cards.

  19. patsy

    2012-09-19 23:41:13 -0400

    love this! awesome work as usual ali!

    that amy tangerine stamp is awesome, too bad mine was defective so I can't really use it for the date :o/

  20. Susan robinson

    2012-09-20 02:33:22 -0400

    another fantastic spread!! I had a couple questions for you.. Have you come across a white pen that writes on photos as well as the pens you use?? I can't for the life of me find one. I was also wondering when you make your own 3x4 cards from your digital stamps do you print and trim yourself or can your silhouette cameo do it?? I've seen you do the cutouts with your digital stamps so I was trying to assume you could do solid 3x4 too.

  21. Emily M.

    2012-10-25 22:04:22 -0400

    love the idea of what's for dinner each night! Perfect! :) Memorializing the menu planning that goes on!!

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