AE Travel Lens | Ireland 2012, Part Two

I arrived home safe and sound from Ireland on Sunday night after one of those crazy long 24+ hour days of travel.

In looking back through my photos a couple themes really stood out: landscapes (along with clouds & sky) and yellow. I expected the wide open landscapes and those awesome places where sky and sea or land meet, but the yellow was a bit of a surprise.

I like being surprised.

The landscapes:

The yellow:

Such a fun adventure. I love checking out new places - especially with a wonderful collection of new and old friends.

Once again this year one of my most favorite parts of the trip was the laughter. I love watching people let themselves be delighted and open up to the experience of travel, meeting new people, going with the flow, experiencing a different culture, etc.

Now it's time to catch up on things around here and hug my kids a million times.

Looking for some adventure with like-minded memory keepers? Next November (2o13 - not during US Thanksgiving) I'll be doing another trip with Jim West/Scrapmap to China. More details available here.

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