Cousin Time

A couple of our favorite people are here this week to hang out and get all dressed up for Halloween.

These two are quite a pair - born just a month apart - it's always so awesome to see them hanging out together.

Lots of happy smiles and giggles.

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  1. Julia

    2012-10-30 06:55:18 -0400

    Wow, the second last picture is like in a window when they are teenagers. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Yay for awesome family-time together! ♡ Julia

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  2. Alida

    2012-10-30 07:03:00 -0400

    So special. I had a cousin like that. Our Moms were sisters and Dads were brothers. Also a blondie and a brunette and we also lived in different places. Sweet memories. Have fun!

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  3. Anne-Marie

    2012-10-30 07:22:36 -0400

    Cousin time is the best. Having an only child, Cousin time is like a national holiday!

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  4. orange gearle

    2012-10-30 07:39:06 -0400

    These are the BEST.

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  5. Lisa W.

    2012-10-30 09:01:24 -0400

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Anna is so adorable, I just want to jump right in there and kiss that cuteness little face!!! And your neice is quite adorable too! That must be SO much fun to be entertained by them. Can't wait to see them all "dressed up"!

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  6. Nancy Gill

    2012-10-30 09:08:58 -0400

    Cousin time, what could be better?

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  7. Kendra

    2012-10-30 09:46:40 -0400

    I love the black and white one with the attitude:)

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  8. Ashley Marie

    2012-10-30 09:50:21 -0400

    Awww, Such fun times! In that second to last one, I think Anna looks just like you!

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  9. Julie Paule

    2012-10-30 10:22:42 -0400

    I still think your daughter looks exactly like your sister! Enjoy your special visit:)

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  10. Paula

    2012-10-30 10:44:37 -0400

    Lovin' each and every photo :)

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  11. Jakki

    2012-10-30 12:18:27 -0400

    That b/w photo...amazing!

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  12. Denise

    2012-10-30 12:27:21 -0400

    So sweet!

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  13. Jen Ritchie

    2012-10-30 12:28:15 -0400

    awwww! My cousin and I were born 23 days apart. WE were lucky enough to go to the same school together and grew up best friends! People always thought we were twins and were confused as to why we had different last names... ha ha our moms even gave us almost the same name.. I'm Jen and she is Jenna...

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  14. Holly Ford

    2012-10-30 12:55:31 -0400

    I was the same way with two of my cousins, though time has ended that. My boys love going to their cousins! Thankfully all their cousins live nearby still, so they see them quite frequently.

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  15. Leigh

    2012-10-30 13:43:07 -0400

    Beautiful girls! So nice that they have each other.

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  16. Tina

    2012-10-30 14:31:48 -0400

    So sweet! My daughter has a cousin like that too and I LOVE how happy & excited they are to see each other!

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  17. tara pollard pakosta

    2012-10-30 14:35:09 -0400

    anna is looking so much like her daddy in these pictures!
    she's just gorgeous! I always thought she was a mini ali, but now I think she looks like her daddy!!!

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  18. Debie Grace

    2012-10-30 19:52:35 -0400

    Sweet! Reminds me of my sweet little cousin! :D

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  19. Brooke

    2012-10-30 20:11:44 -0400

    Looks like Anna has aged a few years in just the last couple of months! The third one down is my fave.

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  20. dawn

    2012-10-30 20:24:30 -0400

    Hi Ali, so happy to see these sweet pictures. I LOVE LOVE that you and your family celebrate Halloween together. Each year is so fun to read about. Enjoy this special time with your loved ones. Anna is looking so BIG !!

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  21. Kelly

    2012-10-31 04:25:19 -0400

    It is amazing to see how they are so close - it really comes through in the photos!! - especially with distance involved. Awesome.

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  22. Suz

    2012-10-31 10:26:59 -0400

    Great cousin captures! TFS Ali! Enjoy your time with your sis and her family. Happy Halloween!
    Take care you,

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  23. Tinka

    2012-10-31 21:20:13 -0400

    Those two are so cute together! Having a cousin that close in age is awesome!

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  24. libbywilko

    2012-11-07 03:31:07 -0500

    Lovely having cousins close in age. I have some great memories of spending time with my cousins who are still very special to me. Glad my boys also have some similar ages too.

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  25. Paola Norman

    2012-11-08 01:10:34 -0500

    Just priceless..

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