Hello Thursday

Unpacking from two big trips to two totally different climates. I spent last week/weekend in Cabo, Mexico attending a wedding and spending time with good friends (the week before I was in Ireland). Awesome time on both trips but now the major transition back home is completely underway. And, as usual, I find myself with a head cold after all that traveling fun.

Voting. In Oregon we have a vote-by-mail system (we don't go to a voting place - it's all done by mail). I spent time yesterday reading through all the ballot measures (can you say gill nets, marijuana, casinos, death taxes) and doing my civic duty. I took a photo for Project Life.

Watching this interview with JK Rowling on The Daily Show. I picked up her new book, The Casual Vacancy, on the way home from Ireland and am about 1/2 of the way through.

Catching up on Project Life. Look for a post later today that includes the last three weeks.

Watching Annie with the kids and singing along just like I did when I watched it when I was a kid.

Working my way through my December Daily foundation pages. Hope to share those with you next week.

Getting ready for my sister and her sweet family to visit us next week for our annual Halloween get-together. So love when they are able to come for a visit.

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  1. Sherry Eckblad

    2012-10-25 08:39:54 -0400

    Sounds like you have been really busy but how amazing is that to travel and then to document it for all of us who don't get the chance.
    I am so excited for December Daily to start I can hardly contain myself.

  2. Lisa W.

    2012-10-25 09:04:01 -0400

    Glad to see your "post" I have been missing my daily ALI...I knew you were busy but again glad to hear from you! ALWAYS look forward to your PL posts, and can't wait to see the kid's Halloween pictures. Enjoy your sister and family...very nice:)

  3. Ruth G

    2012-10-25 09:05:06 -0400

    Congrats on making it back! I was wondering if I had somehow made it off of your blog list. So glad you're back and sharing! It is so wonderful to get away and so hard to "return to normal" afterward, but I think it's all good!!!!

  4. Marge Froese

    2012-10-25 09:07:17 -0400

    Waiting (somewhat patiently) for the December Daily ideas to appear! I've been holding off on my start of it to see what you've got going - I love your ideas, so you see, you inspire other artistics!

  5. Alida

    2012-10-25 09:08:46 -0400

    Good to have you back Ali,and appy to read that the absence was for good reasons.

  6. Brooke U

    2012-10-25 09:11:37 -0400

    So glad to see you back to your blog! I am super excited for the Dec Daily foundation pages. I am so ready for Christmas projects!!

  7. Paula

    2012-10-25 09:55:37 -0400

    Welcome back! This is such a great time of the year to both travel and to enjoy the comforts of home, wishing you the best of both.

  8. Marie

    2012-10-25 10:31:51 -0400

    Happy to see you back Ali! Take care.

  9. Stacy

    2012-10-25 11:05:22 -0400

    Happy to hear that you enjoyed your trips. So glad you're back, though. I always miss your blog when you're away. Have fun settling in and I hope you feel better soon :-)

  10. Hannah Low

    2012-10-25 11:11:23 -0400

    I started watching Annie with my kids last year. They loved it, but threatened to lock me in the garage if I didn't stop singing so loud. They also don't like my miss Hannigan impressions..... Weird!

  11. Debbie

    2012-10-25 11:35:28 -0400

    Ali, are you considering any other instant cameras bessdes your instax? I would like to get another instant camera before the holidays.

    PS Looking forward to seeing your december daily sheets and PL updates...

  12. Patti L

    2012-10-25 11:51:57 -0400

    Welcome back! Happy to have your inspiration back again!

  13. Kareen

    2012-10-25 12:30:29 -0400

    Wow! busy girl. How do you do it?

  14. Steph

    2012-10-25 12:58:11 -0400

    Glad to have you back! I was going through withdrawals, lol. Can't wait for the #DecDaily foundation pages and #projectlife updates!! So glad to hear you had a great time on your trips...you were missed! :)

  15. Monica L.

    2012-10-25 12:58:44 -0400

    Can't wait to see you PL pages and your DD 2012!

  16. slmnontec

    2012-10-25 13:14:10 -0400

    Is it hard or easy to return to ordinary days after being gone for so long?

  17. Suz

    2012-10-25 14:20:37 -0400

    Welcome home!! Looking forward to your DD posts! :)

  18. Colleen

    2012-10-25 16:42:33 -0400

    Hi Ali - welcome back! Am wondering what you used to take/print the photos above? Is it the Instax as Debbie mentioned above?

    Have a great day.

  19. Kimberly A. Wiener

    2012-10-26 11:49:04 -0400

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy the December Daily are on it's way!

    I am so glad you are doing a smaller size. I use the 5x7 myself and am in love with it, so resizing the 6x8 has worked great. Though I am smitten with the Studio Calico December Daily Package, which unfortuantely I missed out on, I may live. Barely. It looks phenomenally precious in it's cuteness of size!

    I know you are working on the foundation, maybe a rounded corner look of the days or outline? Either way, your designs are fab, so I am nailbiting till it comes out and will be first in line to buy..

    I will post a few pics of my fave December Dailys tonight from 2011.

    As always, thanks for the daily inspirations!

  20. Tere

    2012-10-26 17:32:40 -0400

    Welcome home, you've been missed.

  21. Jenn Serrano

    2012-10-26 18:38:46 -0400

    What do you think of J.K. Rowlings new book so far? I picked it up to buy, then put it back down, wasn't sure if I would like it.

  22. Suelynn

    2012-10-27 14:53:39 -0400

    How have I been reading your blog all this time and loving your work and not known you were from Oregon too? Fun! :)

  23. Erica Hettwer

    2012-10-30 12:07:40 -0400

    Oh, how was Cabo? Andrew and I are headed there a week from Saturday! My travel plans aren't quite as crazy as yours but I am driving home to Canby from CKC-Seattle on Friday night and then flying out at 6:30 Saturday morning! It will be interesting and coffee loaded, I'm sure! LOL!

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    2012-11-20 06:00:44 -0500

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  25. Deb

    2013-01-20 17:32:41 -0500

    I have a question about your FUJIFILM Instax camera. I just got one and noticed that you can get lens to add to it. Do you have any of these? I hate to invest and realize I really did not need one. Thanks!

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