AE Lens | Halloween 2012

We love Halloween around here.

For the last few years my sister and her family have made the trek across the US to celebrate and get all dressed up and eat delicious chili and just be together.

This year Simon was Finn from Adventure Time.

Anna was Daphne from Scooby Doo and Gabrielle was Annie.

We love the Ackerman's.

I was Princess Bubble Gum from Adventure Time.

Banner on my photo is from this set: Halloween Outline Banners

Jeffrey was Daddy Warbucks and my sister was Miss Hannigan (from Annie).

The scary guy at the corner house was out there again.

He sits really still until someone gets close and then he moves. The kids talk about it over and over. Totally a fun tradition.

Super fun.

Katie was Tinkerbell.

I think all of our favorite part still continues to be sitting in my entry way opening the door for all the trick or treaters. My neighborhood is the best I've ever lived in for activity (seemed a little slower this year) and it's so fun to have kid after kid coming to the door. They seem to like when we are all dressed up too.

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