Let's Go To The Movies

You may or may not know that I really love going to the movies.

This is such an awesome time of the year for movies. On the first of December I'll be pulling out all of our holiday/Christmas movies we like to watch here at home. Today I wanted to share some of the movies I'm excited to see at the theater in the coming months.

In the last couple of weeks I've seen Flight, Argo, and just yesterday had my first experience ever attending an all-day movie marathon at the theater watching all the Twilight movies from beginning to end including the new one. Crazy and so fun.

Here's some of the other ones I'm planning to see when they hit the theaters - interestingly enough they are all based on famous books (some I have read and some I haven't). Click on any of the links to watch the trailer:

Les Mis | Love this extended trailer that talks about how they sang the songs live on camera as they were filming vs. recording the soundtrack first and then lip-syncing during filming. I've never read Les Mis so I just picked up the book and am hoping to get through it before the movie comes out.

The Hobbit | I'll be taking Simon to this one. Loved the Lord Of The Rings series and picked up the book for us to read together.

Life Of Pi | The preview for this one looks amazing. Another great book.

On The Road | Crazy iconic book. Probably crazy movie too (looks like it from the preview).

The Great Gatsby | My favorite book. I read this one junior year of high school with Mr. Ploof. He was an awesome english teacher - the best I had throughout high school and college.

Bring on the holiday movie season! Anything you are looking forward to seeing soon?

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