Project Life 2012 | Week Forty-Six

Welcome to Project Life 2012 | Week Forty-Six.

This week I'm thankful for this project.

Realistically I'm thankful for it every week, but as I put the last two weeks together yesterday I was reminded again about the power in making life visible to ourselves through memory keeping. There is nothing quite like reflecting our own lives back to ourselves and making sense of things through the combination of photos and words.

Thanks Becky.

Short email from Notes For The Universe - man they have been right on lately.

Insert is a 6x12 page protector cut down to fit this piece of art Anna brought home from school.

Enlarged photo on the back (a rainbow on the Pacific ocean).

"Love This Story" stamp is from my Life Banners set.

SUPPLIES | 2012 | WEEK 46

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Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life (including all the spreads from my completed 2011 album) here.

11 thoughts

  1. Vera

    2012-11-27 06:06:29 -0500

    I receive notes from the Universe too! I've shared them on Facebook a couple of times so some friends also subscribed hehe :)

  2. Jenny A

    2012-11-27 07:57:35 -0500

    I always love your perspective on life! Again, you are always so inspiring. And I love your picture with the "I Am Alive"!

  3. Fiona

    2012-11-27 08:29:41 -0500

    I love these pages, the simplicity of words and photos. So lovely :)

  4. Alida Post

    2012-11-27 09:48:56 -0500

    I'm always amazed at how you bring things together - just look at that photo of Anna in the bath that echo's her art from school. The red stripes that repeats, the way the " love this story" banner seems to flow out of the photo next to it...Just don't know how you do it.

  5. Paula

    2012-11-27 09:53:51 -0500

    What a special week! Love your words as much as your photos! PS How do you get a letter from the Universe? I am also riding the roller coaster, alternating from hands in the air to white knuckling the bars :) ...I may need some cosmic tips too!

  6. Ingunn

    2012-11-27 13:21:56 -0500

    Thanks for the link to Notes From the Universe, what a cool concept.

  7. J3SS1C4

    2012-11-27 17:27:07 -0500

    Looks like a great week! I bet the Twilight marathon was awesome! I so want to watch them all now that they're out! The letter from the universe looks rather interesting too

  8. Keri

    2012-11-27 20:34:27 -0500

    Wow, perfect way to say what I've been feeling about this lately..."making life visible to ourselves". Love that, thank you. Giving me power to live more fully, appreciate more intensely, and change more inTENTly...because of the increased self-awareness that the reflection brings.

  9. Michelle

    2012-11-27 23:49:43 -0500


    I think we are in similar life places and I want to thank you for how you share on so many levels. You are a few steps ahaed of me, but I read how you handle it all and it gives me hope. Thank you so much for the "universe" link, I really needed that. Blessings to you as you continue your journey! Thank you so much for sharing... ((hugs))

  10. libbywilko

    2012-11-28 13:01:21 -0500

    This weeks pages just seem to speak to my heart, thank you so much for sharing your PL with us so openly.

  11. Michelle Bostinelos

    2012-11-29 10:59:59 -0500

    As always - love your weekly layouts Ali! Its been great watching your year unfold. There is always truth to your layouts and I find that inspiring. Your PL has really shown your true life this year. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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