December Daily™ 2012 | Day Eighteen

It's not every December that we get snow here. And we do it really doesn't tend to last very long and I get really excited to see all those flakes coming down. We got some snow today - just enough to not close schools (which they usually do with just a tiny bit here) and for me to get a chance to go outside, tilt my head back and catch some snowflakes on my tongue.

It also provided me with great excuse to use a bunch of snowflake embellishments.

Here's Day Eighteen:

Photo on the journaling card + a transparent page in the middle + photo on the left side.

On top of the transparent page I added snowflakes on top of snowflakes (on both the front and back side). The snowflakes are from Studio Calico's Wonderland Snowflakes Wood Veneer and Studio Calico's Wonderland Ephemera Pack. I use Glossy Accents to adhere the wood veneer.

The text along the bottom comes from a Christmas Quotations digital set:

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34 thoughts

  1. Kathy

    2012-12-19 08:21:21 -0500

    Ali what an amazing day for you, the colours, a white christmas (well a bit early) and the house looks are doing well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Peggy

    2012-12-19 08:29:13 -0500

    Hi Ali!! LOVE YOUR 2012 DECEMBER DAILY!! I have a question and I know you are REALLY BUSY and this can wait for a reply, but could you please tell me how to print on top of photos and add the Christmas quotes to my photos?? I am kind of new to digital and LOVE how you mix the hybrid (sp?) with digital. I would APPRECIATE any help. THANKS!!! I work on an HP with WORD.

  3. Kelly

    2012-12-19 08:37:55 -0500

    Love this layout Ali! We will be having a white Christmas here in Latvia! We have quite a bit of the white stuff! So much that they have the snow patrol out shoveling it off of the rooftops to make way for Santa!

  4. Allison M.

    2012-12-19 09:10:05 -0500

    Love this spread! It is snowing here is Nova Scotia as I write this (and schools are cancelled for the day in my area) - looks like we are going to get dumped on pretty good today, however it'll most likely be gone before Christmas.

  5. Megan

    2012-12-19 09:18:58 -0500

    So love this page! I hope we get snow where I live!

  6. Alicia Christian

    2012-12-19 09:32:48 -0500

    Love that picture of you! I'm trying to get more pics of myself into my memory keeping. Do you set up a tripod for your self shots, or do you have someone else take them?

  7. Emily Niehaus

    2012-12-19 10:06:37 -0500

    Those photos are just gorgeous!

  8. Tina J.

    2012-12-19 10:45:39 -0500

    We're under a blizzard warning today, here in Nebraska. I could make a page that looks just like yours! Woo Hoo!!!

    Ali, your house looks so beautiful! I'm curious to death - what room is above your front door? Those three big windows on the top floor? That's so pretty!

  9. Carrie

    2012-12-19 10:57:00 -0500

    I think this might be my favorite day yet. :)

  10. Melissa

    2012-12-19 10:58:15 -0500

    So, so gorgeous today, Ali! (As usual, but I especially love this one!)

  11. northcarmen

    2012-12-19 11:23:58 -0500

    I can only dream of having that reaction to snow. ;) Here, our reaction to the first snow -- which fell in October this year -- was, "Noooo...". Maybe after a few years in Africa I'll be more excited to come home to a white Christmas.


  12. JC

    2012-12-19 11:55:49 -0500

    That photo made me smile! :)
    We're expecting snow today and tonight -- looks like my daughter's Christmas wish will be coming true a bit early!

  13. Liz Ness

    2012-12-19 11:58:58 -0500

    You house/yard looks awesome covered in snow! =)

    Happy holidays to you and your family!!!


  14. Cynthia H

    2012-12-19 12:15:27 -0500

    Love your pictures and the snowflakes on the transparency!

  15. Katie

    2012-12-19 12:36:11 -0500

    The snow looks like so much fun! We had a few flurries here, but nothing that stuck.

  16. Sharon in TX

    2012-12-19 13:34:29 -0500

    Beautiful ... layout & weather! It is 80 here in Houston, people are shopping in shorts. But tomorrow it will get down to the 50's ... all of us Texans will pull out our scarves & boots! Brrr! :)

  17. margote05

    2012-12-19 14:31:14 -0500

    Love your pictures!

  18. karen c

    2012-12-19 15:27:38 -0500

    Great pictures! You're living the moment and it's beautiful. Have a happy Christmas and thanks for doing DD. It's a little gift every day to see what you've done. :)

  19. Raylene

    2012-12-19 17:13:15 -0500

    ah yes . . . . snow. We have plenty here in Alberta, Canada. Too bad the snow comes with very cold temperatures as well. I can do without a white Christmas, but it is rare!

  20. Mel

    2012-12-19 17:28:06 -0500

    Love this page. Hope to get caught up soon we've been away living the memories this last weekend now just need to document them!

  21. Wendy

    2012-12-19 20:48:08 -0500

    Love the layout! Love the snowflakes - I miss snow and a REAL winter being from Alaska and now in GA. I'll get my mom to send me a snow picture for DD! :) Happy Christmas!

  22. Melissa

    2012-12-20 02:06:02 -0500

    Ali, why are you not on the creative team for project life 2013?. Are you still going to do PL in 2013?.

  23. Tracey

    2012-12-20 03:14:06 -0500

    Love the joy in this picture!

  24. Teri H.

    2012-12-20 09:43:14 -0500

    This and Day 19 are my favourite so far. Gorgeous.

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