December Daily™ 2012 | Day Six

Home sweet home once again. Today was mainly a travel day as I made my way back home from New York.

I was definitely ready to get home and get down to the business of merry making around my house (and have better lighting for this album/potentially not be working on it so late in the evening/getting a little more crafty, take off my chipping nail polish, settle into the season here at home, etc). Loved coming home to the twinkle lights on my front porch - seemed like the perfect thing to include today (and as you might be able to see I still have a few pumpkins on my porch and the lights/greenery need to be adjusted around the door).

Across the spread I added my boarding passes with a bit of washi tape to keep them in place.

How's it going with your own project this year?

Also wanted to share a really nice write up in my local paper that came out earlier this week that talks a bit about my story and features December Daily™: Register Guard Article.


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