December Daily™ 2012 | Day Sixteen + Day Seventeen

Combining Days Sixteen and Seventeen today for a couple reasons:

(1) I was a day behind. Hello December.

(2) I used a Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page Starry Sky Punch with two journal card pages back to back and it made sense to show it all together.

Here's Day Sixteen:

Always have to include something about the Advent Calendars - a much loved tradition in our house. This year we have the Star Wars Lego calendar and the Playmobile Princess Wedding set.

Vellum arrows and the tabbed piece of paper (pattern was on the other side) are from the Studio Calico December Daily™ kit. Letter stickers are from Crate Paper.

And you can guarantee that I'm pretty happy that my Paperwhites are close to blooming.

One of my recent purchases is this Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page Starry Sky Punch. I wanted to use it in this project and I wanted to use it to create a see-through section.

The solution was to line up two 4x6 journal cards back to back and punch through them. Love it. Here's the front side:

And the back side. I didn't adhere these two cards together, just punched them at the same time to get the correct location.

Here's Day Seventeen:

This quotation was just too darn funny to pass up.

"Celebrate This" white glitter banner is from KI Memories.

This is what she was singing on the way to school. I added the text in Photoshop before printing. That great sequin star is from Heidi Swapp.

Here's a link of all my days so far for 2012:


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31 thoughts

  1. Vicky

    2012-12-18 09:32:26 -0500

    We too are enjoying a princess wedding at out house :)

  2. Kathy L

    2012-12-18 09:41:22 -0500

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pages and stories. The colors in you pictures (home) are beautiful, peaceful. Lovin' the punch around. Might need to go pick one of those up.

  3. Kimberly

    2012-12-18 09:47:34 -0500

    I've had that punch for 2 years and I love the way you've used it here! I'm going to pull mind out and use it for PL this month!

  4. amy s

    2012-12-18 10:36:06 -0500

    love them. my favorite spreads so far. thanks for the inspiration as always ali. :)

  5. Dori

    2012-12-18 10:41:18 -0500

    Oh, how lyrics! :-)

  6. orange gearle

    2012-12-18 11:00:17 -0500

    I absolutely love what you did with the punch! Also, the quote, perfectly magical. I have a three year old daughter and I think our daughters would get along quite nicely. ;-)

  7. Kendra

    2012-12-18 11:27:37 -0500

    I love that you have included that story. Kids are so SURE at this age. My son (when he was about this age) said "Mommy? Why is there soap in the sleigh?" Not knowing what he meant I asked him to elaborate - tell me more. He replied "You know 'Dashing thru the snow, in a one horse 'soap and sleigh'......" :)

  8. Christie M

    2012-12-18 12:37:03 -0500

    Love it! Would you mind sharing the font you used for the "deck the halls" quote?

  9. Alida

    2012-12-18 13:19:50 -0500

    Perfect pages!

  10. Malea

    2012-12-18 14:32:13 -0500

    I really am loving how you have made your 4x6 album this year. Gives me some ideas for next year since it looks like its so much easier to keep up with.

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    2012-12-18 14:42:33 -0500

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  12. Karen

    2012-12-18 14:44:26 -0500

    I think I prefer Anna's version of the song better. You go girl!

  13. Veronica Peralta

    2012-12-18 16:08:56 -0500

    So precious! ♥ it!

  14. Deena

    2012-12-18 16:43:32 -0500

    Awesome photo page! I love the lyrics that kids make up for some of the songs. What a great memory to have for future years. :)

  15. Debbie

    2012-12-18 16:58:52 -0500

    My first thought when I had seen this page is did Anna mean the foul smells coming from the garbage can. I thought wow, she's very smart! Not that your garbage is stinky, but a very cute memory page to have for years later. One of my favorites so far!

  16. Raylene

    2012-12-18 17:04:57 -0500

    Oh the singing! I remember my son singing Away in a Manger, and starting the second verse with "the cattle are lonely, . . . " so much fun to remember! That's what daily memory keeping is all about!

  17. Kathy (kathyb)

    2012-12-18 17:37:21 -0500

    Love the song and the story behind! For a moment I thought S&A had been not getting along, until you explained :)

  18. Stacy

    2012-12-18 18:33:46 -0500

    "Fouls and Jollys!" Oh my goodness...That is so adorable.

  19. Julie

    2012-12-18 19:39:24 -0500

    very Miss Anna

  20. Elizabeth

    2012-12-19 11:28:38 -0500

    My girls have made up a song over the years that starts out "Deck the halls with newborn babies..." It gets weirder and weirder as the song goes on. Ha.

  21. Mallory

    2012-12-19 18:21:04 -0500

    Love the stars so much Ali! It's my classroom theme! :)

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  23. Allison M.

    2012-12-20 09:57:06 -0500

    That is sooo precious! I think that although I will be putting together my Dec. Daily in the New Year this will be the best year yet. Doing Project Life this year has really helped me become a better story teller. Just last night my daughter was singing Frosty and came out with the line "with a corn cob pipe and a BOOGIE nose". My husband burst out laughing and corrected her, but she insisted that it was a Boogie nose, not a button nose. Immediately, I thought back to this post of Anna & how she sang Deck the Halls.

  24. Teresa

    2012-12-21 20:25:18 -0500

    It's deck the halls with dolls of jolly over here. :) Our girls are a month apart. Love it! :)

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