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December 5, 2012

December Daily 2012 Giveaways | Becky Higgins’ Project Life, Apron Strings

GIVEAWAY | ONE person will win a full set of products to complete a scrapbook with one of our NEW editions – Olive or Seafoam – from Becky Higgins’ Project Life

Set includes Binder + Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages + Month Dividers + 12×12 Designer Paper – all from the edition of your choice.

ABOUT PROJECT LIFE | Becky Higgins’ Project Life system takes the guesswork out of scrapbooking. No scissors. No adhesive. No techniques or gadgets or creative skills required. Just your photos and a pen. Everything that comes in a Project Life Core Kit coordinates beautifully so that you can complete an entire scrapbook with ease by simply sliding photos and cards into the pockets. That’s it. It’s so simple – it’s revolutionary. Project Life is about getting back to the basics of what memory-keeping is all about: Your photos + memories. Check out the 1:24 video to have your own ah-ha moment at

GIVEAWAY | One person will receive a Bigger than a Breadbox kit ($38.50 value) from Apron Strings Designs
SPECIAL OFFER | Take 15% off your purchase at Apron Strings using coupon code:  DD12AE (offer valid through December 31st, 2012)

In the eight years that Apron Strings has been producing monthly kits, a lot has changed in the scrapbooking world, but one thing remains the same – Apron Strings has been dedicated to helping the storyteller capture and share their stories.

Each month Apron Strings whips up kits with the latest products, mixing patterned paper, cardstock and a dash of embellishments to provide a delicious assortment to help you cook up traditional layouts, hybrid layouts, mini albums, pocket-page albums (like Project Life-style pages), cards or other paper crafts.  Apron Strings kits will help you create quickly and effortlessly.  With three different kits each month there’s something that fits your style and budget.

Come by to pick up your monthly kits with or without an autoship subscription.  Should you choose to enjoy the no-commitment membership, you’ll get your kit delivered to your door every month while enjoying a savings over the regular price of the kit – plus a few other perks – like no additional shipping on purchases when they ship with your kits.

See for yourself how Apron Strings can make your creative time a piece of cake. While you’re visiting, be sure to sign-up for our newsletter, “Like” us on Facebook, or follow our Blog so you’re “in the know” for sneak peeks, new releases, sales and more.

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TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway please leave a comment below (if you are reading this post on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments will be closed at 9am Pacific tomorrow morning. The winners will be posted on Monday, December 10. Please be sure to check back or subscribe (click here to get posts delivered to your email box) to see if you are receiving one of the items.


  • 101.
    Jennifer O said…

    Thanks for offering these! So excited to see the new collections and start a new year ready to go.

  • 102.

    I love project life and would love to win one of her new editions!

  • 103.
    Elaine Bieman said…

    It is sooooo much work to complete but so satisfying at the end to have.

  • 104.
    Anja said…

    Both giveaways are great. Thx for the chance to win.

  • 105.
    J. Melissa Mortimer said…

    Love love love Project Life!!! Please pick me!!! Great giveaways Ali, thanks!

  • 106.
    Batice71 said…

    Ohh very amazing giveaway ! Thanks for the chance to win !!!

  • 107.
    Kathy R said…

    Starting PL in 2013 for the first time. So excited. Thanks for a chance to win this!

  • 108.
    Victoria said…

    Can you imagine the great start that would make to 2013! Thank you

  • 109.
    christen said…

    such fun giveaways this week!

  • 110.
    Cheryle mcmichael said…

    Great prizes. Thanks.

  • 111.
    Pat M said…

    would LOVE to win it’ll be my fifth year for PL…fingers crossed

  • 112.
    Sarah Giles said…

    Wow – more amazing prizes! Thank you! :)

  • 113.
    Jacqueline said…

    Great giveaway! I have been doing mostly digital scrapbooking but would love to get into some hybrid stuff, so these would be great!

  • 114.
    Missus Wookie said…

    This would be amazing – I’d love to win. Seafoam is absolutely gorgeous!

  • 115.
    Ruth Tacoma said…

    Amazing giveaways! Thanks for sharing your faves!

  • 116.
    Rebekah said…

    Wohoo, can’t wait to get my hands on the Olive edition of PL! Fabulous giveaway!

  • 117.
    tina duenow said…

    I would love to win too!!

  • 118.
    melbourne liz said…

    You are absolutely kidding! It’s a great prize. I love the look of the Sea Foam kit. Fingers crossed!

  • 119.
    Nicky said…

    Ooooh I’d love to win either of those goodies! Thanks for the fun give aways. Enjoying seeing your pl and dd posts.

  • 120.
    Jess B said…

    I can’t wait to start using the Seafoam edition! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • 121.
    Shanon Gibson said…

    I love the giveaways this week! So great!

  • 122.
    Janet Kemper said…

    Now this is a fantastic giveaway!!

  • 123.
    Bdaiss said…

    This will be my 4th year doing project life and I can’t wait! Thanks so much for the chance (at either prize – they’re both wonderful)!

  • 124.
    Lisa W. said…

    OMG your killing us…THIS is so awesome, I would SO SO SO love this. Thank you so much for the chance Ali!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 125.
    Karen said…

    This would be an awesome win..esp this time of year. Thank you for the chance!

  • 126.
    Lynne said…

    Thanks for the chance to win! Great prizes!

  • 127.
    Kim S (nerdgrl) said…

    I did Week in the Life for the first time this year and am doing December Daily for the first time as well. Haven’t tackled Project Life yet and this would be a great opportunity to start. Thanks for the chance.

  • 128.
    Katie said…

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 129.
    chel said…

    Another generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 130.
    Nicole Gray said…

    I would love to win a prize from you. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • 131.
    Sonia said…

    I want! I want!! I WANT!!! : )

  • 132.
    Michaela said…

    LOVE Project Life and new supplies- great giveaways! Thanks!

  • 133.
    Penelope said…

    I can’t even imagine winning this giveaway – it would truly make my year!

  • 134.
    Sue Alg said…

    I’m just about to complete my first year PL and both these items would be fabulous to continue onto my second year. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 135.
    Tiffanie said…

    I love your giveaways!! Thanks for the chance!

  • 136.

    I love these kits, used one in 2010 and would LOVE to win one!
    Thanks for the generous giveaway opportunity!


  • 137.
    Joanne M. said…

    Would love to be included! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • 138.
    Kimberly Loxtercamp said…

    Be still my beating heart….what awesome giveaways!

  • 139.
    Gina said…

    I am on my third year of project life and love it more every year!! Live Elise Joy and her new seafoam edition!! A must for nxt year!!:). Thanks for the chance and so jealous of your trip to ny!! Living vicariously through you! Also one of those things on my life list!!)

  • 140.
    molly said…

    love elise and can’t wait to get my hands on that seafoam!

  • 141.
    Kristine V said…

    Thanks for the chance to win these awesome prizes!!

  • 142.
    Krystyn said…

    Another great giveaway!! Thanks!!

  • 143.
    Catherine said…

    Have been considering jumping into PL, would enjoy being the lucky winner.
    Thanks sponsors!!

  • 144.
    JennE said…

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 145.
    JennM said…

    awesome! just started PL in digi format, would love a real/paper PL kit!

  • 146.
    susan lew said…

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love the Seafoam project life kit.

  • 147.
    susan lew said…

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love the Seafoam project life kit.

  • 148.
    Wendy P said…

    Fantastic opportunity. Thank you.

  • 149.
    Angie Coleman said…

    I want the Project Life so badly! Great giveaways and thank you, Ali, for the chance to win!

  • 150.
    Gaëlle said…

    Oh, thank you Ali !