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January 18, 2013

CHA | 2013

Another CHA (Craft & Hobby Association trade show) has come and gone.

Many (probably most) people go to check out all the new products.

I go to see all that stuff but I also really go for the people. Handshakes and hugs and smiles and laughter.

There are so many good people in this industry. Some of them are long-time friends and others have become friends in the last few years. I’m thankful everyday for the friendships I’ve made.

One of my most favorite parts this year was bringing Katie along for her first craft trade show experience. She’s a natural.

She and I and my friend/tech guy Aaron flew down on Friday for the express purpose of hitting Disneyland before the show started on Saturday.

We ended up closing the park down. Tower of Terror x2. California Screamin x2. Dancing at the Mad Hatter Tea Party. So fun.

First stop at the show was to say hi to my very dear friend Tim Holtz and Mario Rossi.

I loved finally meeting Liz Tamanaha who designed the new Project Life Midnight kit.

It’s not really a secret that I love it (Liz has a fabulous design aesthetic) and can totally see it working with Seafoam later in the year (the new kits will be available in May at a retailer near you).

And speaking of Seafoam, having dinner with Elise Blaha Cripe and Stephanie Howell was a highlight.

Stephanie Howell was there working for My Mind’s Eye.

Maggie Holmes new line for American Crafts is awesome.

Elizabeth Kartchner. Always love her style.

Amy Tan. She’s got all kinds of cool stuff including some letter stickers that remind me of my old vellum favorites.

Getting the chance to see Becky Higgins everyday for three days was also a big highlight. We’ve been friends for a number of years now and getting to chat in person is always a treat. One of my favorite memories from the show was when I got to sit down with her and show her my Project Life album (album #3 for 2012 – photo at the top of this post). I actually cried talking about how much I love it and how special this project is to me. I know she gets it. It’s my life in those pockets – my everyday, my ups, my downs, my people, my story. There’s something so very special about the project and I can’t thank her enough for establishing it as a concept. I think it’s such an awesome entry point for people who want to document their lives.

As for favorite products at the show, here are a few things we saw that are on our wishlist:

A really cute interchangeable calendar stamp from Amy Tangarine’s new line Yes, Please.

Sundrifter Wood Veneer Phrases from Studio Calico.

Sundrifters Circles Mask from Studio Calico.

Allison Kreft’s new line for Webster’s Pages – includes transparencies.

Dear Lizzy Rolling Phrase Stamp.

Distress Paint by Tim Holtz. Love the marbling and love that when it dries you can add new layers of color and it won’t turn to brown.

Alpha Parts Numeric from Tim Holtz.

New tabbed journal cards from Elle’s Studio.

Acrylic binder album from Clear Scraps. Thinking about using this for an upcoming album.

Precision Paper Trimmer from Fiskars. Watched a demo of this and it’s definitely on my wish-list. You can see a video on here.

Heidi Swapp has some great see-through things – including alphabets (long live the see-through plastic alphabets) and tags.

Stitching templates from Amy Tangerine. Super cute.

Midnight Project life Kit designed by Liz Tamanaha.

I’m also excited about a bunch of different products from Simple Stories – lots of good stuff for Project Life in there too.

So cool. Seeing all the products makes me excited for creating. Looking forward to getting work done!

And a big thanks to everyone who stopped by the Technique Tuesday booth to say hello. So many kind words and friendly faces. You can also check out a video overview of my stamps filmed by over on my projects blog here.


  • 1.
    Rosy K said…

    Wow Ali, looks like you had such an amazing time. LOVE the pic of you and Becky looking over your album. I’ve started PL this year for the first time and so excited.

  • 2.
    libbywilko said…

    So cool seeing all the photos of you with all your friends new & old ! I loved seeing your product faves too :-)

  • 3.
    Brooke said…

    I spent the last few days stalking everyone’s twitter account pretending to be at CHA! I haven’t followed along for such a long time. It’s not an industry I’m a part of, but wow there is so much love and it shows from so far away. I used to be in a creative industry and I know what those connections feel like. That calendar stamp is top of my wishlist!! Love that you got to show Becky your album. So, so awesome.

  • 4.

    Ali Edwards-
    You are the real deal. Thanks for being a mentor and friend to me over the years. I’m so blessed to know you. xo

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Love you! So fun to finally hang out in real life.

  • 5.
    Marie said…

    I’m not really used to tell people what I feel, especially in front of a computer but here’s the thing: there is a bunch of American scrapbookers who I love and I follow on a regular basis, but I can say that really 4 of them are my fave: Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, Liz Tamanaha and Elise Blaha (I followed both Liz and Elise a long time before they designed their PL core kit – so discovering their respective kits was like a present for me!). I’m not sure that my words will really translate what I mean exactly as English is not my mother tongue, but I would like to say thank you to all of you. Each day, I followed your respective adventures in CHA through the social networks, and I was waiting your pictures, your words every day like a child waiting for her Christmas presents! Oh my, I wish I could meet the 4 of you one day, that would be a dream coming true.
    Thank you Ali, to inspire me every day and to have made me discover Project Life. And also to help me keeping it updated (coming here and seeing your layouts each week, is definitely a source of inspiration and motivation for me – and yes, I wrapped up my 2012 PL (the first one in my life) and I’m so happy with that – and yes, I’m beginning a 2013 version with the Seafoam kit – and I’m also making a Project Life for my daughter “à ma façon”). So thank you so much Ali for all the inspiration and the motivation.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Thank you Marie :) .

  • 6.
    Robyn said…

    My new shelves were delivered yesterday from Pottery Barn and I have a 3-day weekend to set up my new scrap space. Seeing all of this has me so excited to get started on new projects (and finish my DD!). And I gotta tell ya Ali, you are so pretty! You look great in every shot!

  • 7.
    Ruth G said…

    Thanks for sharing your experiences at CHA. I love reading about how people that I follow and whose products I love enjoy each other. It really makes me feel good to love a craft that really is all about people who are giving and generous and caring. Thanks for all you do and I can’t wait to see what you design next or read about your next adventure!

  • 8.
    JC said…

    Looks like a great time! And YOU, Ali, look fantastic — those smiles totally show that you were in your element! :)

    Love that you listed a few faves — I hadn’t seen those veneers from SC. Definitely going on my wish list!

  • 9.
    Paula said…

    Thanks so much for sharing this good time with us! Love the photo of you holding the Midnight kit – wow, does Simon ever resemble his mama! And thanks for sharing some of your finds – my wish list just grew too!

  • 10.
    Alida said…

    I’m not sure in who’s shoes I want to be more – yours, getting to show my album to Becky in real life, or in Becky’s, paging through YOUR album in real life. But you two are the inspiration behind my PL and I’m forever thankful!

  • 11.
    Shaela said…

    The products are fun to see, but I go to CHA for the people, too – it’s the only time of year that I get to see a lot of my friends and we always make the most of it! :) I can’t wait for the midnight PL kit and that calendar stamp as well… there were so many things I loved and I came back fully charged and ready to create. And yeah… meeting you and Becky was a major highlight as well. :)

  • 12.
    Sandy said…

    Ali you are the cutest thing! Loved all these pictures, but what I love most about them is seeing how all you geniously inspired and creative ladies can collaborate and support each other the way you do. Its truly refreshing to see you share your album with Becky and have that be special for both of you.

    I am new to Project Life and all that it encompasses it including everything that you contribute to memory keeping, so its a bit overwhelming for me right now. But I am figuring it as I go along. All I know is that you all inspire me greatly! So Thank you!! :)

  • 13.
    Joy Shimabukuro said…

    I had fun at CHA, too! Just like you , I love reconnecting with all the friends I’ve made over the years and I even got to meet in person some new friends from blogland, that was really awesome!
    Having Project Life-style all over the show really helped me explain it all to the people I was with who never heard of it. I also had some photo opportunities to tie in my OLW “Be”.
    Now to catch up and put it in my album!
    Thanks for the continuing inspiration!

  • 14.
    Cynthia H said…

    Loving your CHA wardrobe!

  • 15.
    Indy said…

    Wonderful new products! So excited!

  • 16.
    Rebecca said…

    The ProCision is awesome, in my opinion. I’ve been using it since July, and I love it!

  • 17.
    Michelle said…

    OK so I had a few tears reading about you having a few tears showing Becky your album.

  • 18.
    Lisa W. said…

    DITTO…Marie said it best, couldn’t sum it up any better. Thanks Marie….love you Ali!!!

  • 19.
    mel said…

    Love all your favourites it must be amazing to be there. Hearing you thoughts about Project Life was lovely thank you for your honesty I feel that way about it too.

  • 20.
    trisha said…

    I went to CHA and tried looking for you. That was my goal to meet you in person!! But I wasn’t able to because every time I would go to the booth you were already gone. :( So hopefully next CHA!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I’d love to meet you next time!

  • 21.
    Jennifer said…

    So great seeing you at CHA. And just so you know, you made my year and put me in scrapgeek heaven putting my acrylic binder on your blog!! You rock!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      It was awesome!

    • ….
      Malika said…

      Yay! It is an awesome book, Jen! Great to see you, Ali! You look beautiful and full of life!

  • 22.
    Amy Myers said…

    Ali, it looks like you had so much fun! I love that white crochet top of yours. You look so pretty wearing it!

  • 23.
    TeriBeri said…

    Ali, I think you are such an amazing and down to earth person. I admire you for that.

    Hugs and blessings always, T

  • 24.
    denise said…

    Thank you, Ali, for all the wonderful pics of CHA and the newest products coming our way. Love your stuff!

    blessings, denise :D

  • 25.
    Alison said…

    Looking at your post about CHA brings back some great memories… I miss going SO much. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your experience:)

  • 26.
    Nita said…

    Love seeing the “lighter” side of you in this post. I am looking forward to a lot of your new stamps! love the pic of you with the midnight kit!

  • 27.
    Suz said…

    Hi Ali!
    I SO enjoyed meeting you & Katie and chatting with you a bit. You both are awesome! Thank you for sharing, for your honesty, for your authenticity, and for sharing your love of photos+words with us all!

    Take care you!
    :) Suz

  • 28.
    Dawn Cheshire said…

    Love all the product picks and how great for you to meet up with friends old and new!

  • 29.
    Debra said…

    Great post – loved seeing your photos from there and your picks!

  • 30.
    Laura Steingiser said…

    Thank you so much for inspiring me in my adventures in creating. Thank you also for this wonderful peak into the CHA. I love to see the products and the people who create them, and the amazing ideas on how to incorporate them into my own work.

  • 31.
    Christy said…

    Thanks for sharing all your favorite products from the show. Loved Noell’s video from your booth.

  • 32.
    Amy Jackson said…

    Thanks for the great sneaked Ali…tons of cool stuff! I am doing project life for the first time. Its a bit of a challenge to find my rhythm…but I’m getting there…and I can already tell how worth it this is.

  • 33.
    annette allen said…

    so all the photos.. I wish I could have met you at CHA..

  • 34.
    Alli said…

    Seeing you & Becky in that sweet & silly embrace makes me smile too! You two are a couple of my fave “celeb” sbers for a LONG time! SO enjoy reading your blogs and being inspired by you OVER & OVER & OVER again!!! Saw your video bit from Paperclippings last night!!! LOVE how you do your PL pages! I just started PL this year and I am LOVING it!!! I’m a big T!m & Mario fan too! Thanks for letting us peek into your life. I so enjoy seeing Simon & Anna grow up … you’re so blessed Ali! I’m so inspired by your outlook on life and am changing the way I look at things too. Keep up the wonderful attitude! I feel grateful to have you inspire me!

  • 35.
    Amber said…

    I have to ask – where did you get your LBD? It looks stunning! And I adore your lace scalloped blouse as well. I’m in need of updating the wardrobe and loved these pieces in your photos.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      That’s from Banana Republic – it’s actually navy blue. Love it!

  • 36.
    sheri said…

    Hi Ali,
    Your lace top is really cute. Where did you get it from?


    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Sheri – it’s from Forever 21.

  • 37.
    Pearl Maple said…

    Great round up of show highlights and fun new products. Was great to meet you and the team at CHA, hope 2013 is off to a fabulous start for you

  • 38.
    liz said…

    Finally meeting you in person was one of the highlights of CHA. Love you Ali!

  • 39.
    Karen K Scraps said…

    What a great time! Wish I could see you again, Ali. You look GREAT, btw! Hugs, K

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