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  1. Kristine Vicente

    2013-01-16 08:33:57 -0500

    holy cow! you have been v e r y busy!!! I love everything...thank you for sharing!

  2. janet

    2013-01-16 09:39:56 -0500


    This is a little off topic but thank you for introducing me to "A Note From The Universe". I love getting my notes - they always make me .smile and give me something to reflect on

  3. Cynthia H

    2013-01-16 10:25:21 -0500

    I love the font on the quotes brushes!

  4. dawn

    2013-01-16 12:34:34 -0500

    Love these BIG NUMBERS, great job!!

  5. Chris Wenzel

    2013-01-16 12:56:42 -0500

    you have a typo for the spelling of project life...in case you want to correct...

    Rounded Corner 3×4 Number Cards #32-52.

    Otherwise these are AMAZING...so awesome for my cutter.

  6. sheena hutchinson

    2013-01-16 13:18:32 -0500

    Do you still have the day of the week cards to ovelay over a picture....they were framed around then at bottom said day of the week. I've searched everywhere...I saw them a long time ago from Jessica Turner's pics. If not something similiar....? Thanks..love your brushes!

  7. Shelly Bailey

    2013-01-16 17:02:24 -0500

    Hi Ali, Will the hello life boxes vol. 4 set cut well on the cameo or are they too thin? Thank you for everything you design! I love your style.

    Hugs, Shelly

  8. Rossana

    2013-01-17 03:48:28 -0500

    hello Ali!
    I hope to see more about the CHA than the photos in IG! :D
    and I can't wait to see you last page 2012 PL and your title page PL 2013!!! :D :D :D

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