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  1. Katie

    2013-01-09 14:56:45 -0500

    Awesome! I have been waiting for the Seafoam kit!

  2. Melissa

    2013-01-09 15:00:09 -0500

    I recieved my kit the other day!!. Wow was I impresssed. Excited to create and play with all that came.

  3. Rosy

    2013-01-09 15:18:15 -0500

    I got my Seafoam kit yesterday too!! Super excited to begin working with it! This will be my first year doing Project Life.

  4. Stephanie

    2013-01-09 15:39:54 -0500

    Just ordered my Seafoam kit and the childhood kits! Can't wait for them to show up on my doorstep!! This is my 2nd year doing ProjectLife and I am just as energized to begin a new year as I was to start it initially! LOVE this form of documentation/ scrapbooking - it is revolutionary! Thank you Becky Higgins and thank you Ali for ALL of the inspiration!

  5. Pidgen

    2013-01-09 16:06:01 -0500

    This is my second year for Project Life and I am so super excited!!

  6. Kelly_S_

    2013-01-09 21:26:35 -0500

    Thanks for the info... I just jumped over and ordered mine. I've been waiting for Seafoam.

  7. kelli

    2013-01-09 21:35:50 -0500

    ordered! wooooott!

  8. Marie

    2013-01-10 04:06:15 -0500

    I ordered mine on Tuesday (in Europe) and looking forward to receiving it!!! It seems that this Seafoam kit has real success (bravo to Elise!). And I'm also looking forward to seeing your pages in 2013! :-) Have a nice day Ali.

  9. Tanya W

    2013-01-10 05:21:33 -0500

    I ordered last week and since ours comes from New Zealand it arrived earlier this week - Seafoam and both the Bridgeport and Mayfield Childhood kits - absolutely gorgeous. Look forward to seeing your ongoing PL posts Ali!

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    2013-01-10 08:00:36 -0500

    [...] And in case you missed it yesterday, the new editions of Project Life are now available on Amazon. [...]

  11. Lisa W.

    2013-01-10 08:06:05 -0500

    YUMMMMMMM!!! Love the seafoam...wishing my kids were still little to do the childhood ones:)

  12. Danielle

    2013-01-10 09:56:50 -0500

    I am SUPER excited to start my Project Life album!! This will be my first year trying out this project and I am waiting until my son is born in a couple months as way to document his first year. I really think that this style of story telling is going to work as a busy new Mom!!

  13. Kathy P

    2013-01-11 12:19:38 -0500

    Bummer...wish I had known these would come in two days after I had ordered the Clementine! Oh well.....I ordered the Seafoam, too! Can't wait to start my first Project Life Album!

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