Project Life 2013 | Week Three (Studio Calico February Project Life Kit)

Welcome to Project Life | Week Three.

Each month during 2013 one of my Project Life weeks will be using the Studio Calico Project Life kit.

Week Three wraps up my trip to CHA, documents that I finally took down my Christmas stuff, and started to get back into the routine of life.

The "one day at a time" is from the Hello Life Vol. 4 digital set - cut with the Silhouette. Tutorial on how to trace my PNG files with the Silhouette can be found here.

The bottom right photo is from Katie's Project Life (we'll be sharing that soon) - she added word art from my Hello Magic set.


Click on the images to link to the products.

Project Life is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

25 thoughts

  1. Shayne

    2013-01-28 03:14:55 -0500

    So simple but stunning. Can't wait to receive my Feb Studio Calico PL kit - it is gorgeous!

    Love the shot of Simon from Katies PL. So grown up!

  2. Brooke

    2013-01-28 04:57:23 -0500

    Happy that Katie will be sharing her Project Life. Trying not to see how awesome that kit is - I'm not on the list.

    Did you add a curved couch to your dining area? Looks awesome.

  3. Marie

    2013-01-28 05:25:36 -0500

    Love the simplicity of your layout. Is the "week 3" journaling card part of a kit from Liz Tamanaha?

  4. Chrisy Clay

    2013-01-28 05:43:59 -0500

    Always an inspiration Ali - thanks.

    Received my January Studio Calico last week, and l love it !

  5. dawn

    2013-01-28 06:08:44 -0500

    LOVE THIS!! So excited that Katie is doing PL with you, how fun for you both. Great photo of Simon, he is so awesome!

  6. J3SS1C4

    2013-01-28 07:27:38 -0500

    As always, I've looked at your page and ended up inspired by at least one or 2 different things! I really do love that you share your Project Life pages... They always turn out so amazing!

  7. orange gearle

    2013-01-28 07:40:08 -0500

    Love this, of course. I cannot wait to see Katie's. I was hoping you would share that as well!

  8. MOllly

    2013-01-28 08:44:28 -0500

    what a great week! That woodgrain gets me every time. And Simon in the big frames!

  9. Carol W.

    2013-01-28 10:06:04 -0500

    Beautiful PL layouts, thank you for sharing.

  10. SusanMcL

    2013-01-28 11:26:38 -0500

    What a great giveaway! Pls pick me!
    Have a great week everyone!

  11. Trina

    2013-01-28 11:29:56 -0500

    LOVE this!! Your PL is just so inspiring, Ali! Happy to see Katie is creating her own PL this year, its so much fun with a friend. Can't wait to see her album as well. Also loving your idea of using your Studio Calico PL kit one week each month, such a good idea for mixing it up a little bit. As always, thanks for sharing!

  12. Kayla

    2013-01-28 11:38:54 -0500

    LOL, for a second there I thought you were thankful for UPS deliveries, and I thought "Wow, she must have received something pretty neat!"

    Beyond inspiring as per usual, Ali. Your work just always feels like 'home' and captures warmth and gratitude effortlessly.

  13. Mary-Lou

    2013-01-28 11:59:49 -0500

    I like the photo of George sitting at the table - in his black and white suit he looks so ready for the formal serving of dinner.

  14. Jo-Anne from ZA

    2013-01-28 12:23:13 -0500

    Wow, as usual, just blown away at how talented and creative you are. Your work is so inspiring you have turned me into a scrap-a-holic:-)

    Great work Ali and thank you for sharing it with us!

  15. Michelle M.

    2013-01-28 12:24:28 -0500

    Ali, First of all, I want to say thank you for all your inspiration! I have been looking at PL for the past couple of years and was going back and forth about doing it. I decided to give it a try this year and have done my first three weeks and absolutely LOVE it! I only discovered it through you so thank you again! Second of all, I want to add more depth/interest to my photos but don't have Photoshop or the means to get it right now. I see you stamp on your photos and am wondering what is the best ink for this? Also do you ever use rub ons and do they work? I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks again! :)

  16. Holly

    2013-01-28 13:08:27 -0500

    love all your cutouts. super jealous of your silhouette :)

  17. Pidgen

    2013-01-28 13:25:44 -0500

    I love your layout this week. It is always so fun to see the color in your layouts - not too much,but really cooridnated and lively. I love Liz's woodgrain card! So fun.

  18. Kelli W

    2013-01-28 13:26:26 -0500

    as always, I love seeing your layouts ... and now I look forward to seeing Katie's as well!

  19. Christine

    2013-01-28 15:13:00 -0500

    Always love what you put together and your digital cut files. I can't wait until I'm OFF the waiting list and hopefully have the March Project Life kit.

  20. Tere

    2013-01-28 15:30:11 -0500

    Awesome, just awesome.

  21. Jana

    2013-01-28 16:07:23 -0500

    So cool seeing your pages each week. Especially love reading the stories that go with your photos. So important! Hilarious the secret powers of Costco chocolate milk! Thanks for sharing with us each week. (now I'm craving chocolate milk...ha!)

  22. Johanna

    2013-01-28 16:43:41 -0500

    Man, I LOVE that kit. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I'm not even doing Projet Life (yet?)! I have eyed the always awesome Studio Calico kits for the last years, really, but never took the plundge to order one from Germany. Only the thought of maybe having to pick stuff up from the awful, awful customs office gets me all worked up. Monthly? Ugh. Someday I'll get over it, hah! (Or find out that Studio Calico already handles the taxes I'd need to pay afterwards!) Until then ... I love seeing peeks of the new PL kits on your blog. Thanks, Ali!

  23. Suz

    2013-01-28 21:44:03 -0500

    Cannot wait to get this month's Project Life kit! You are so right about CHA; so many kind people, so much vitality, so much inspiration there.
    Love that Katie is doing Project Life too and that you will be sharing it here!
    Take care you.

  24. Peggy

    2013-01-30 20:58:01 -0500

    Hi Ali!! I just have to say AGAIN, that I love your style/technique on anything that you are doing. Could you please just give a quick run down on how you go about setting up your week of PL?? Do you start out with picking out photos, then sliding them into the pockets and whatever is left you fill in with cards?? I struggle with how to go about it and it might help me out a bit if you could quick tell me how you do it. YOUR PAGES ARE AMAZING!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

  25. Giorgi

    2013-03-25 05:39:37 -0400

    Hi Ali, can you tell me what alpha stickers the Turquoise Thankful is??

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