The Weekend Lens

Here are some scenes from a weekend getaway to Palm Springs with my sister and a gathering of her East and West coast friends.

I love my sister. She's one of the most kind, intelligent, loving and considerate people I know. And we really don't get to see each other enough. We try to get together at least a couple times a year - often over Spring Break and then again at Halloween. This was the first time since our daughter's were born that we got together without kids in tow.

The fun included going to a Blowdry & Beauty Bar in Palm Dessert called All Tressed Up for hair and make-up. So fun to get all fancy and then go to dinner at The Parker (and so totally something that I don't usually do).

This weekend was really all about celebrating my sister. Her amazing friend Jordan put together a beautiful brunch.

We had a spa day at SpaTerre at The Riviera. I can't remember the last time I had a facial.

We shared delicious drinks and food and relaxed and talked and talked and talked. Exactly how it should be.

And we had a yoga session by the pool. We all really loved this part - the yoga instructor was awesome.

Love you guys so much. So happy to get to celebrate my sister with her best friends.

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