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February 11, 2013

And Now She’s Four | A Conversation With Anna

This little bundle of joy turned four on Sunday.

Four years. Seriously?

So fun to look back through the archives I have tagged with Anna – stories and moments documented from the very beginning of her existence.

She was a big help putting together her invitations last week – writing her name on the pattern side of each invite.

I came home on Saturday night from an auction and Katie had decorated the dining room with punched hearts and butterflies and a happy birthday banner.

Her party choice? Chuck E Cheese of course.

We did her party at 11am and that was a pretty good time when it wasn’t too crowded.

I’d say she loved it – especially the blow-up crown. She wasn’t as keen on “the big man” (Chuck E Cheese the character – that’s what she calls him) when we was actually standing right next to her

That would be Simon’s hand on her back, helping her make her wish and blow out her candles.

She also let him go in the ticket blaster for her. She wasn’t too keen on getting in that thing and trying to grab as many tickets at possible. He, on the other hand, thought it was the most awesome thing possible.

After the party she went over to Chris’ house to open some more presents with his parents and then came back to me for dinner with friends and family. It was a full day filled with lots of love and good stuff from all the people that love her so very much.

Here’s a look at the digital layout I put together (just like the one I did for Simon) using Cathy’s layered template:

Anna, you are a beautiful, smart little girl. I love your energy. I love the way you play. I love the conversations we’ve been having and how you are growing and developing your own awesome sense of self. Love you so much sweet girl. Happy Birthday.


  • 51.
    MerryMom said…

    Her favorite snack is goldfish…

    …goldfish crackers right?

  • 52.
    Patchouly said…

    I love the idea of a yearly questionnaire on your birthday – I don’t have kids but want to do it for myself!!! Does anyone know of an “adult” version???

  • 53.
    Carol said…

    Beautiful. Simple and capturing such breadth and depth that will be so fun in the future!!

  • 54.
    Anna Aspnes said…

    Happy Belated Birthday Anna! We also share the same hair cut right now :)

  • 55.
    Nicole said…

    Happy birthday to your four year old. Four is such a fun age (I have one of my own). I was inspired by your questions and did some interviews with my own kids and LOVED their responses. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  • 56.
    Natalie Hall said…

    I love this idea! My son will be 10 years old in a few days (double digits — wow!) and I will be using these prompts to help me with a LO! Thanks and happy birthday to your sweet girl!!!

  • 57.

    Great post. I am just starting my blog as well. Do you find it hard to have something to say, because I dont feel like natural writer and it seems to come natural for you.

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